Number of IDPs in Shaddadi rising

More than 2,000 internally displaced persons have arrived in the town of Shaddadi. The people come from the border regions of Northern Syria and fled the Turkish invasion.

About 300,000 people are on the run from the current Turkish invasion of Rojava. About 2,000 refugees have arrived in the small town of Shaddadi in north-eastern Syria. They are cared for solely by the local people and the autonomous administration of Northern and Eastern Syria. Despite the onset of winter, no support from international aid organisations has arrived so far.

The people, who had to flee only with what they were wearing, live mainly in the school buildings in the region. Serhan al-Digham of the municipality of Shaddadi reports that there are particular problems with the supply of food and clothing. The people cannot return either, as the militias have taken over their houses. A humanitarian disaster is looming for the winter if international aid does not arrive soon, explains Digham.