Tal Rifat: New Year gifts for injured children

New Year is a time in the Middle East when "Santa Claus" brings presents in many households. This is also the case in Northern Syria. The psychological support committee has distributed gifts to injured children.

Tal Rifat is a city full of people seeking protection from the occupied canton of Afrin. On December 2, the Turkish army committed a massacre of displaced persons in the city, killing eight children and two adults. Many other children were also injured.

The city's psychological support committee, supported by the relief organization Heyva Sor a Kurd (Kurdish Red Crescent), now brought gifts to the injured children who survived.

At the New Year's celebrations in Northern Syria at the moment the main focus is on strengthening and morally building up the children. In this scope, children's festivals are taking place in many places, including the northern Syrian city of Tabqa.