Thousands bid farewell to victims of Til Rifat massacre

Farewell to 8 children and 2 adults massacred by the Turkish army forces on Monday.

Thousands of people from Afrin were displaced by the Turkish invasion of their hometown and then moved to the neighboring Shehba Canton. Genocidal attacks of the Turkish state have targeted them in Shehba too. 10 civilians, 8 of them children, were killed in a Turkish shelling in the Til Rifat town on Monday, and 10 others were wounded, including children.

The funeral for the victims of the deadly attack has taken place in the Fafin district of Shehba today. Thousands of people from Afrin gathered in front of the Avrin Hospital and joined their final journey to the Fafin Cemetery of Martyrs. The slogan “Şehîd namirin” (Martyrs are immortal) resonated through the streets of the district.

The funeral at the cemetery began with a minute’s silence in memory of all the martyrs and continued with speeches by Kongreya Star Coordination member Hediye Yusif, Afrin Canton Council Co-president Mihemed Naso, Afrin Canton Kongreya Star Coordination executive Newroz Haşim and Shehba Canton Council member Mihemed Cuma.

Speakers expressed their condolences to the families of the victims and denounced the Turkish state’s attacks against civilians intending to disturb the peace in the region.

Speakers stressed that targeting civilians was also an attack on the future of the people and constituted a crime against humanity, criticising the human rights organisations that fall into silence in the face of the ongoing massacres against the people of the region.
Following the speeches, a child named Xelîl Hisên read a poem for his friends who have fallen in Monday’s massacre.

After the ceremony was concluded, the 10 victims were laid to rest with slogans.

Names of the martyrs laid to rest are as follows:

1. Hisên Abdulha Kildedo (74)

2. Ali Mehmud Osman (63)

3. Mihmed Adulriham Hiso (15)

4. Semir Abdurihman Hiso (12)

5. Mihmed Ali (11)

6. Mistefa Mihmed Mecid (10)

7. İmad Ehmed Kêfo (9)

8. Mihmed Haci Omer (7)

9. Arif Cafer Mihmed (6)

10.Abdul Fetah Aliko (3)