Tribes of Raqqa: We stand with the SDF

Representatives of the Raqqa tribes demand the establishment of an international criminal court against the Turkish state for the war crimes it committed and declare their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Leaders of the Raqqa tribes gathered for a plenary meeting on 16 November to assess the Turkish attacks and current political developments. For the tribes, the unity of the peoples of North and East Syria is particularly important. They reiterated their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and declared that they would not accept a constitution that does not represent Syria as a whole, with reference to the meetings in Geneva to draft a constitution for Syria. They criticise the fact that the autonomous administration of North and East Syria is excluded from the talks.

Sheik Faraz al-Begh, spokesman for the Tabqa tribes, told ANHA news agency that it was shameful to work on a constitution for Syria at a time when the Turkish state was attacking. "The Turkish state and its gangs are attacking with tanks, planes and military troops the SDF, which have given thousands of martyrs in the fight against the ISIS" he said, demanding that the Turkish government be brought before an international tribunal for its war crimes.

Talal Hilal al-Subat of the Al-Jaabat tribe says: "All the sheikhs and opinion leaders of North and East Syria have declared that they stand with their political and military forces. We must be one against the invasion of the Turkish state. It is not possible to forget the sacrifice and courage shown by the SDF in the fight against global terrorist organizations."