Women killed by Turkish attack in Kobanê laid to rest

A Turkish drone deliberately killed three activists of the women's movement in Kobanê two days ago.

On 23 June, three activists of the women's movement in north-east Syria were killed in a targeted drone shelling by Turkey in the village of Helincê (Halinja) near Kobanê. Zehra Berkel and Hebûn Mele Xelîl were members of the women's umbrella organisation Kongreya Star in the Euphrates region, and Amina Waysî was also active in the women's revolution in Rojava. She took part in all activities of the women's movement and dedicated all her energy to the revolution.

The funeral for the three women was held at the Dicle Cemetery of Martyrs in Kobanê today. Speaking at the ceremony, Euphrates Region Executive Council co-president Mihemed Şahin remembered all the martyrs of freedom in the person of the three slain women. He stressed that the Turkish state was trying to avenge the terrorists who were defeated in Kobanê.

Speaking after, Kongreya Star Coordination Member HEyva Erebo said the following: “Today we bid farewell to three women who sacrificed their lives for freedom. The enemy has targeted humanity in the person of three women revolutionaries who fought for women’s freedom.”

Ramazan Mele Xelîl from the Council of Martyrs’ Families said: “Let the enemies of the Kurdish people and humanity know that we will be following in the footsteps of our martyrs. Just like we defeated ISIS in Kobanê, Erdoğan will be defeated as well.”

Following the speeches, the three women’s certificates of death were read out and given to their families. The martyred women were then laid to rest.