Turkish soldier who raped Kurdish youngster released from prison

Staff sergeant Musa Orhan repeatedly raped an 18-year-old Kurd in Batman. The young woman tried to take her own life after the crime. Only after massive protests was the perpetrator imprisoned. Now he is free again.

Again and again the Turkish occupation forces in Northern Kurdistan commit sexual acts of violence. Staff sergeant Musa Orhan drugged 18-year-old Ipek E. for several days and raped her several times in Batman province. Ipek E. reported the crime, whereupon the perpetrator was arrested for only 24 hours. Ipek E. then tried to commit suicide and died in hospital on August 18.

After massive protests, Musa Organ was arrested on August 19. Now, a week later, he was released by court order. His trial is scheduled to begin on October 16. The treatment of the rapist is an example of the impunity against military crimes in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.