KCK statement on Zînî Wertê: We will act with responsibility

we greatly value the calls and expectations of artists, journalists, KNK, democratic institutions and personalities in 4 parts of Kurdistan, Kurdish women, and we offer our gratitude again for these efforts", said KCK.

The KCK issued a statement in response to the KNK open letter on Zînî Wertê and said it would show responsibility in fulfilling the expectations the KNK said to have from democratic institutions and individuals in the four parts of Kurdistan.

The KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency statement said: "After the KDP deployment of peshmergas to the Qandil area, concerns have emerged among the Kurdish people. Calls were made to prevent the tension from turning into a conflict. We find these concerns very meaningful and valuable. We see it as a concrete indicator of Kurdish democratic national feeling. This attitude towards a problem between the Kurdish political forces has also shown very strongly the longing of our people for national unity."

The statement continued: "The calls of hundreds of Kurdish artists to prevent tension and conflict between Kurdish political forces and actually serve the interest of Kurdish enemies are very important for us. The calls of artists and intellectuals, which are the cornerstone and conscience of the Kurdish people, are the calls that should be taken into account for us.

Those who voiced the aspirations of our people's rights, justice, conscience, freedom and democracy are of course those who always think of what is good and beautiful for our people. We express our gratitude for their calls and express that we will show the necessary sensitivity and common sense to fulfill our responsibility for their demands and aspirations.

As a matter of fact, although the area where the peshmergas were sent to is very important for us, we try to respond to the aspirations of the Kurdish people by showing the necessary patience, common sense and calmness."

The statement added: "The KNK is carrying out important work on national unity, therefore we find its call to the KDP, PUK and PKK to solve tensions with common sense very important.

When we heard the statement of the KNK about the fact that there was no concrete answer to their calls so far, we saw it as a requirement of our responsibility to present our thanks to the public. We should emphasize that as soon as we heard their calls, we showed the necessary sensitivity and showed an approach to act in line with their demands and aspirations. Our efforts continue to be in this way.

We do not have an approach to tension and conflict with any Kurdish political force, especially the KDP and PUK. The demands and desires of our people and the Kurdish public opinion about how the relationship should be between Kurdish political forces continue to be our desires."

The KCK statement also expressed appreciation for the "calls of Kurdish journalists and media professionals who strive to turn the aspirations of the Kurdish people into social value, to inform the Kurdish society with a democratic and free understanding, and to raise the right consciousness."

Likewise the KCK expressed appreciation for the calls made by women after the "Zînî Wertê incident. The calls of Kurdish women to solve the problems by establishing national unity represent the Kurdish people's feelings of right, justice, equality, equity, that is their conscience."

The KCK statement said: "We consider the solution of the problems that arise following the Zînî Wertê incident between the Kurdish political forces in line with the aspirations and demands of the Kurdish public. In this respect, maintaining the current sensitivity of the public will have a decisive importance in getting results about overcoming the tension that is still ongoing and can lead to serious consequences."

The KCK statement ended with the following remarks: "On this basis, we greatly value the calls and expectations of artists, journalists, KNK, democratic institutions and personalities in 4 parts of Kurdistan, Kurdish women, and we offer our gratitude again for these efforts.

We also believe that this sensitivity of the Kurdish public will play an important role in the establishment of national unity among Kurdish political forces, in which problems can be resolved with a national stance."