KCDK-E calls for action for Shengal on January 18

The KCDK-E called on people to take to the streets for Shengal under Turkish attack.

The European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) Co-presidency Council issued a written statement on Wednesday’s Turkish air raid that targeted the Yazidi town of Shengal in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Earlier today, Turkish fighter jets bombed the populated village of Digure in Shengal’s Sinune town. The bombardment targeted the settlement area and caused material damage on the houses of the villagers and left at least a car unusable.

KCDK-E recalled that the Turkish state, that aims for a massacre everywhere in Kurdistan, has repeatedly targeted Shengal and killed people.

“Seeking to finalize the massacre that barbaric ISIS gangs couldn’t, the fascist Turkish state wants to perpetrate a genocide against our Yazidi people and destroy the ancient town with its places of worship, historical culture and values. We condemn the attack against Shengal by the genocider Turkish state which is an enemy of humanity, history, culture and beliefs,” said the statement.

KCDK-E called on the Kurdish people to rise up in spirit of national unity and to embrace the people of Shengal.

“As KCDK-E and NAV-YEK (Union of Yazidi Associations) we will be staging protest demonstrations everywhere to condemn the Turkish state’s massacres and to stand with Shengal. We call on our people and friends to ensure strong participation in the protests,” added the statement.