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08:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Seventy new fighters join the SDF in Raqqa
07:49 FEATURES The death basements of Cizre: Five years on, victims are still fighting for justice
19:37 NEWS HDP to present new campaign "Justice for all"
18:56 NEWS Mobile Öcalan Library in Rome
17:44 KURDISTAN 20-year-old shot in the back and seriously injured by soldier in Van
16:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports clashes between Turkish-backed groups in Serekaniye
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Meeting in Rimelan: "The time has come: Öcalan's freedom is the freedom of humanity"
15:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack on a village of Til Temir repelled
14:41 FEATURES Protest against repression against Kurdish diaspora in Sweden grows
14:06 NEWS Demonstrations worldwide: "The time has come - Freedom for Öcalan!"
13:39 NEWS Vaccination rates in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey
13:00 NEWS Two youth activists arrested in Istanbul and Izmir
12:12 NEWS Online event on Monday to introduce key issues of Abdullah Öcalan's work
11:45 KURDISTAN Shengal Democratic Autonomous Council: We'll bring those responsible for Kocho massacre to account
11:14 NEWS Diyarbakır Police Department admits secret witness does not exist
10:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Four more students arrested in Istanbul
10:18 NEWS Resistance in Sur: Workers find body during excavation work
09:52 NEWS Activists in Saarbrücken condemn 15 February conspiracy
09:24 CULTURE Art exhibition opens in Qamishlo
08:51 KURDISTAN Turkish army launches military operation in the region of Ömeryan
08:22 NEWS Activists send letter to the UN from Duisburg, Oldenburg, Heilbronn and London
07:49 NEWS Day three of the Long March demanding freedom for Öcalan
19:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF discover ISIS tunnel in Dashisha
19:02 KURDISTAN Remains of 104 Yazidi victims buried in Kocho
18:28 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: Where is the grave of Maksut Tepeli?
17:44 WOMEN HDP Sultangazi district co-chair jailed
17:03 NEWS Swedish trade union calls for freedom for Öcalan
16:28 NEWS Yüksekdağ and Tuncel in solidarity with university students
15:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG report: 88 journalists currently behind bars in Turkey
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey’s military build-up in “de-escalation zone” continues
14:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Arab sheik survives second attack in Deir ez-Zor
14:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA More civilians kidnapped in Turkish occupied Afrin
13:30 NEWS United Struggle Forces: “Let's unite and organize against fascism”
12:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attacked by Turkish-backed gangs, farmers cannot plow their fields in Til Temir
11:47 WOMEN Protest outside the Turkish Embassy in London in solidarity with Boğaziçi University struggle
11:16 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal reaches day 67
10:49 KURDISTAN The village of Kocho buries 104 of its ISIS victims today
10:18 KURDISTAN Ehwen Çiyako: The people of Rojhilat should join demos with the spirit of 1999
09:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in Turkish jails reached 72nd day
09:31 HUMAN RIGHTS Two young women strip searched
09:13 NEWS Ghanaian organisation ACCP joins Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan campaign
08:51 NEWS HBDH carries out action in support of prisoners on hunger strike
08:22 NEWS Independent MP Ahmet Şık under investigation for statement on Boğaziçi protests
07:49 NEWS Kurds in Cologne send letter to the UN demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
20:26 NEWS Internationalist action week for Öcalan’s freedom kicks off in Hanau
19:44 CULTURE Kurdish mural in Oslo not removed despite death threat
19:17 KURDISTAN YRK releases identity of a martyred guerrilla
18:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Grave of Kurdish poet in Afrin attacked
17:47 NEWS Prosecutor both "victim" and accuser in Demirtaş trial
17:02 NEWS Mobile Öcalan Library in Hamburg