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13:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Iraqis settled in Serekaniye are families of ISIS members
12:34 WOMEN YJA-Star fighter Cudi: I was also a peshmerga
12:00 WOMEN Kongreya Star congratulates the women's movements in Argentine
11:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE releases balance sheet for 2020
10:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Children celebrate the New Year in embattled Ain Issa
10:22 NEWS Three people, including two from Kobanê, jailed in Adana
09:44 KURDISTAN Turkish soldiers injure civilian in Hakkari countryside
09:16 WOMEN International Women's Alliance demands release of Leyla Güven
08:52 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in prisons enters day 36
08:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Letter from female prisoners: Our rights are being violated
07:49 FEATURES Aldar Xelîl: The occupied regions will be liberated in 2021
20:33 FEATURES 2020: A year of Kurdish diplomacy and public relations
19:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invading Turkish army and mercenaries bomb village of Derdara
19:31 NEWS HBDH Yılmaz Dersim Revenge Militia carries out action in Istanbul
18:43 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla Kemal Piling remembers Commander Yılmaz Dersim
18:02 NEWS Hakkari Governor extends ban on action and events to 15 January
17:31 WOMEN Women protest feminicide and the role of the AKP-MHP
16:33 NEWS Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement calls for solidarity
16:07 WOMEN Murdered academic Aylin Sözer laid to rest in Istanbul
15:41 KURDISTAN The vigil in defense of Êzidxan Asayish continues
15:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Directorate of Traffic in NE Syria pays tribute to Eşref El-Hîlal
14:41 NEWS KON-MED salutes the New Year as a new year of struggle
14:14 KURDISTAN Their ideals bring them together
13:45 NEWS HDP wishes 2021 to be 'the year of freedom'
13:31 KURDISTAN Turkish war planes bomb guerrilla areas
13:14 NEWS KONGRA-GEL: We will turn 2021 into a year of freedom and solution
12:42 NEWS HPG guerrilla Robin Bakır laid to rest in Adana
12:15 NEWS Lawyers and families apply to visit Imrali
11:44 KURDISTAN PKK: burial of martyrs at night should never be accepted
11:12 NEWS In Paris on 9 January to reclaim justice for Sakine, Fidan, Leyla
10:39 CULTURE Germany seizes scientific book as photo of Öcalan is on cover
10:07 NEWS KCDK-E New Year's Message: Resistance will grow in 2021
09:38 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in prisons reaches day 35
09:09 NEWS New Year's greeting from Leyla Güven
08:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hesen: Turkey 'main supporter' of the ISIS cells in NE Syria
08:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: 30 Syrian regime soldiers killed in ISIS ambush
07:42 NEWS Charges filed against 108 defendants in "Kobanê trial”
19:57 NEWS Arson attack on HDP building in Inegöl, Bursa
18:59 WOMEN TJA and HDP on femicide: We will enhance our organized struggle
18:24 WOMEN Yazidi women call for action for Leyla Güven
17:49 KURDISTAN Remains of 3 guerrillas delivered to their families
17:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ain Issa under ongoing attack
16:41 HUMAN RIGHTS ÖHD: Imrali isolation should be lifted
16:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA "Iraqi families settled in Serekaniye to change the demography"
15:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS members attempt to steal medical supplies from hospital
15:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Family from Girê Spî wishes to return home in the new year
14:36 KURDISTAN KDP establishes new checkpoint in Metina area
14:07 HUMAN RIGHTS Former UK MEP Julie Ward condemns arrest of Leyla Güven
13:35 WOMEN Serhad: 2021 to mark the end of fascism and the freedom of Öcalan
13:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA North East Syria registers a decrease in coronavirus cases