Latest News

14:45 News Towards the national march for Ocalan in Italy
14:15 News Call for Australia to support an end to the isolation of Öcalan
14:00 News Yazidi graves damaged in Batman
13:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosive laden motorcycle detonated in al-Bab
13:15 Rojava-Northern Syria The darkness left behind from ISIS
13:05 Kurdistan Five arrested as KDP’s Asayish attacks hunger strikers in Hewler
12:35 Human Rights Prisoner on hunger strike placed in solitary cell
12:20 News Three more political prisoners go on hunger strike
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Wife of ISIS member: My husband was a Turkish army officer
11:30 Kurdistan Maxmur women in Hewler call on the UN to hear their voices
10:15 News Day 52 of the resistance in Strasbourg
09:10 News HDP MPs held ‘Peace Vigil’ in Parliament in solidarity with Güven
08:50 News Solidarity visits to Kurdish hunger strikers in Vienna
08:30 News Selma Irmak: We will not disappoint our people
08:15 News Artist Ilkay Akkaya visited Leyla Güven
07:45 News HDP candidates met the people in Akdeniz
07:30 News Roboski families visited Leyla Güven
21:26 News Hunger strike in Russia continues on day 10
17:00 Human Rights IHD published 2018 Human Rights Violations Report
16:30 News HDP’s Buldan: We promise Leyla, we will break the isolation
16:00 News Motion on Leyla Güven’s hunger strike at British Parliament
15:45 News Kurdish hunger strikes to be discussed in Basque parliament
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Families of 5 mercenaries from Turkey reach SDF territory
15:15 News Kurdish activist on day 24 of hunger strike in Duisburg
15:00 Kurdistan Hunger strikes continue in Maxmur and Hewler
14:40 News Campaign for Leyla Guven: Over 10.000 signatures
14:20 News HDP election bureau attacked, candidate detained in Ceylanpinar
14:00 News Die Linke MP visits Strasbourg activists: The isolation must end
13:45 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb Zap
12:50 News Day 51 in Strasbourg: Resistance on the people’s agenda
12:25 News Demo against isolation in front of the SPD office in Berlin
12:15 News Simonnet: Paris should pressure the government for Guven
11:45 News Paris awards Leyla Guven with honorary citizenship
11:30 Human Rights Resistance grows: 291 prisoners on hunger strike
11:10 News Two Kurdish activists on indefinite hunger strike in Germany
09:15 News Hunger striker Sarikaya: We can put an end to isolation
08:45 News Youth protest isolation in Adana
08:30 News Visitors continue to pay their respect to Leyla Güven
08:15 News HDP announces its candidates for Bingöl and Ağrı
08:00 News Hunger strikers in the Hague continue their action
07:30 News Spain spends over 838 million euros in military operations abroad
21:45 News Solidarity message to Leyla Güven from Uppsala council
20:20 News Demo for hunger strikers in Athens
19:20 Kurdistan Another mass grave discovered in Shengal
18:55 News Strasbourg hunger strike: Day 50
16:35 Rojava-Northern Syria Women in Hesekê speak out for Leyla Güven
16:15 Human Rights Families of prisoners on hunger strike demand end of isolation
15:50 Human Rights Prisoners in Germany go on solidarity hunger strike
15:15 Kurdistan HDP members visit hunger strikers in Hewler
14:50 News Imam Sis: With the hunger strike I feel I am free