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10:20 Rojava Turkmen photographer in Manbij: We do not want Turkey here
09:45 News Consecutive blasts kill 1, wound 11 in Kirkuk
09:30 Kurdistan South Kurdistan youth start ‘human shield’ action in Qandil
08:30 Women HDP candidate Tosun: I’ll be the voice of women of Sur
20:45 News HDP Urfa candidate, Öcalan: We are a house for all peoples
18:30 Rojava Embargo and drought worsen the conditions in Shehba
17:30 Rojava People of Qamishlo in solidarity with South Kurdistan people
16:15 News SOHR: Death toll in Zardana massacre rises to 44
15:50 Rojava Emergency aid from Bolzano, Italy arrives in Shehba
15:30 Rojava Children of Afrin to continue education in tents
15:00 Rojava Dreams and stories in the refugees’ tents in Shehba
14:35 Kurdistan People of southern Kurdistan march to Qandil againt invasion
14:00 News AKP’s fear of the HDP grows: Detentions in various cities
13:30 Human Rights Zeinab Jalaliyan denied treatment despite deteriorating health
13:15 Rojava Occupation forces burn down forests in Afrin
13:00 News High ranking ISIS member granted asylum in France
12:40 Features Turkish intelligence looking to create chaos in Manbij
11:45 News Austria to deport 60 Turkish imams and close 7 mosques
10:50 Kurdistan South Kurdistan youth on the way to Qandil against invasion
10:40 Kurdistan Turkey deploys 150 armored vehicles at Şemdinli border
10:30 News HDP in Bolu attacked three times in three days
10:15 News ISIS attacks Syrian army: 179 soldiers killed in 17 days
10:00 Rojava MMC Commander: We will defend our city to the end
09:30 Kurdistan 4 HDP members detained in Gürpınar
09:00 Rojava Ezidis’ Union calls for the protection of Ezidis from Afrin
08:00 Culture Kobanê University to open new faculties
19:00 Kurdistan HDP flags removed in Silvan
18:45 News Police officer punches HDP MP candidate in Ankara
18:15 News HDP candidates canvassing all around the country
17:15 Rojava Afrin's refugee children in Shehba start school
16:15 News HDP’s Temelli: We’ll end the all-war policy of the AKP
15:05 Rojava Manbij executive: Turkey wants a revival of the Ottoman era
14:30 Women Golshifteh Farahani: “Jin Jiyan Azadi is a hope”
13:45 Rojava People of Manbij to coalition officials: “We don’t want Turkey”
13:30 Rojava What is happening in Manbij?
12:50 Features Call from captive soldiers and police officers held by PKK
12:20 Rojava International Coalition delegation meets with Manbij officials
12:05 News Demonstration in solidarity with HDP in Hildesheim
11:55 Women 59-year-old Peace Mother detained in Mardin
11:15 News Voting for Turkey’s elections starts in 3 countries
11:05 News SDF liberates 3 villages and 7 hamlets from ISIS
10:45 Rojava An Ezidi from Afrin:Turkey wants to wipe out the region’s history
10:05 News “Boycott Turkey” demonstration in Stockholm
09:50 Kurdistan ‘National Front’ founded against Turkish invasion of Bashur
09:30 News KCK’s Aydar: 24 June is an opportunity to get rid of the AKP
08:00 News A feminist MP candidate for HDP: We are a women’s party
00:15 News KNK: Stop the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan
00:05 Kurdistan Police vehicle hits and injures an old man in Amed
00:00 News SDF fighters liberate a village east of Shaddadi
20:45 Rojava SDF fighters free two Ezidis from ISIS captivity