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12:31 KURDISTAN Newroz messages on guerrillas' radios...
12:02 FEATURES Çiya Kurd: Turkish occupation will become permanent without struggle
11:29 NEWS We have seen a sharp decline of democracy in Turkey, says Clare Baker from Unite the Union
11:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Police attack the Şenyaşar family
10:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family continues Vigil for Justice on 17th day
10:28 NEWS French police question Kurdish politician for "insulting Erdoğan"
09:59 NEWS EU puts Turkey "under surveillance" until June
09:41 HUMAN RIGHTS Solidarity action with Saturday Mothers takes place in Cologne
09:23 CULTURE Abdullah Öcalan and Sakine Cansiz volumes at yearly book fair in Quito
08:49 HUMAN RIGHTS "Corpses are tortured to increase the suffering of families"
08:19 NEWS Greens are funding Erdogan's mosque in France
07:47 NEWS HRW: Turkey’s effort to close the HDP subverts the principle of parliamentary democracy
20:52 NEWS Millions of people demand "Free Öcalan - Free Kurdistan"
20:20 NEWS "Paris killings must not remain a state secret"
19:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF statement on fighting near Ain Issa
19:01 NEWS Protest against criminalization of Kurds in Marseille
18:28 NEWS Constitutional Court to examine the motion for HDP ban on March 31
17:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Action for Kurdish leader Öcalan in Qamishlo
17:21 NEWS Deposed co-mayor of Eğil faces up to 15 years in jail
16:44 NEWS Kurds protest the silence of the UN in Geneva
16:08 KURDISTAN Hunger strike in Maxmur on day 97
15:29 NEWS U.S. urges Turkey not to retain Russian S-400 air defense system
14:51 NEWS Sit-in protest against Imrali isolation in Amed
14:18 NEWS Swedish Left Party urges the police to end crackdown on Kurds
13:46 FEATURES Newroz 2021: International Starting Signal for the Peoples' Agenda
13:12 CULTURE Martyr Yekta Herekol Festival to be celebrated in Qamishlo on Saturday
12:47 NEWS Indonesian party sends solidarity message to the HDP
12:17 FEATURES The HDP has a historical tradition and 40 years of experience, says deputy Nuran Imir
11:55 NEWS Lawyers of Abdullah Öcalan apply once again to visit their client in Imrali
11:24 KURDISTAN Another kasibkar killed in East Kurdistan
10:53 NEWS Solidarity actions with Saturday Mothers in Stuttgart and Berlin
10:19 NEWS Şenyaşar family receives visits of support at their Vigil for Justice
09:50 FEATURES Trial against the Saturday Mothers opens on Thursday
09:21 NEWS PCF and La France Insoumise ask: Did Macron promise Erdogan a crack down on Kurds?
08:49 NEWS Alevi and Kurdish organizations in exile: Turkish government wants to abolish democracy
08:19 NEWS KON-MED: Germany should end its cooperation with the Erdogan regime
07:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Why has the Turkish state escalated its attacks on Ain Issa?
19:51 NEWS Kurds urge France to lift the “state secret” on Paris killings
18:53 NEWS KCDK-E calls on France to end the criminalization of Kurds
18:11 WOMEN YPJ fighter abducted from northern Syria sentenced to life imprisonment in Turkey
17:33 NEWS HBDH set Grey Wolves office on fire in Mersin
16:50 NEWS HDP appeals to the Constitutional Court for Gergerlioğlu
16:09 NEWS Kurdish organisations in France condemn the crackdown on Kurds
15:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: ISIS has revived after Turkish invasion
14:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Woman injured by Turkish bombardment in Ain Issa dies
13:53 NEWS 12 Kurds detained in three cities in France
13:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family enters 15th day of protest for justice
12:50 NEWS HDP Justice Vigil continues at party’s headquarters
12:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Baghouz celebrates second year of freedom
11:44 NEWS Police in Amed take six people into custody