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11:05 FEATURES Shepherds face the repression of the State
10:34 KURDISTAN KDP provocation in Berwari
10:01 NEWS MEPs ask to investigate Turkey's crimes against humanity in Syria
09:32 NEWS Ireland declares new 6-week lockdown against Covid-19
08:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Turkish forces disassemble Morek observation post
08:28 ECOLOGY Latest evaluation shows Europe's nature in serious decline
07:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Crimes against civilians continue in Turkish occupied Afrin
21:01 CULTURE Gorani music against assimilation
20:29 NEWS Police operations against Islamists in France
19:52 NEWS Call to stop execution ordered by South Kurdistan government
19:18 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb a village in Qandil
18:58 NEWS Court imposes travel ban on Ahmet Türk
18:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish prisoner dies after heavy torture in Turkey
17:27 NEWS Two SDGF members jailed in Ankara
16:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces and mercenaries bomb Ain Issa
16:18 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Newspaper distributor taken into custody in Van
15:39 NEWS TJK-E takes over the sit-in before the Council of Europe
14:19 WOMEN Kongra Star celebrates 8th Congress in Qamishlo
13:52 NEWS Armenian Prime Minister: Erdoğan wants a new genocide
12:46 FEATURES Ovaköy border gate project in Shengal?
12:18 NEWS Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor calls Ahmet Türk to give statement
11:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Coronavirus cases in North East Syria exceed 3,000
11:05 NEWS RiseUp4 the Revolution calls for Action Week for Kobanê
10:38 KURDISTAN Story of guerrilla Toprak
10:06 NEWS AKP bans 17 strikes in 18 years of government
09:41 NEWS Colombian political prisoners send solidarity message to Öcalan
09:14 NEWS Movement Towards Socialism wins elections in Bolivia
08:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldiers kill civilian in Girê Spî
08:22 NEWS Trustee deprives eartquake victims in Van of their common ovens
07:49 CULTURE AvEG-KON presents book by HDP former co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ
20:49 NEWS Demo for Öcalan in France
20:12 NEWS HBDH announces actions against security forces in Mersin
19:36 NEWS Four ESP members detained in Istanbul
18:58 KURDISTAN HPG reports guerrilla actions in South Kurdistan
18:18 KURDISTAN Construction of Erdoğan’s palace continues despite bone finds
17:39 NEWS Nationwide actions for the Kurds planned in Italy
17:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA 2 more deaths, 96 new Covid-19 cases in NE Syria
16:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mine explosion kills two children in Baghouz
15:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two injured in bomb attack in Qamishlo
15:23 NEWS SOHR: Turkey sent a new batch of mercenaries to Azerbaijan
14:32 FEATURES Policies of the KDP try people’s patience!
13:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attacks on villages in the Shehba region
13:13 KURDISTAN Four detained in Şırnak
12:45 WOMEN Women festival in Genova holds panel on Abdullah Öcalan
12:14 KURDISTAN HPG Press Centre releases identity of guerrillas fallen in Cilo
11:36 CULTURE The resistance of the women in Shengal becomes a theatre play
11:07 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Ararat: HPG is frustrating all the efforts of Turkey
10:30 NEWS Two people sent to prison in Hakkari, one is 84
10:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners issue call after increase in rights violations
09:29 NEWS Activists in Ertfurt protest isolation of Abdullah Öcalan