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10:24 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla buried after nine months
09:53 NEWS Kurdish Friendship Group issues a call for Shengal
09:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fifth day of anti-ISIS operation in Hol camp begins
08:49 WOMEN Women block Galata Bridge in Istanbul
08:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Third coronavirus wave looms in Northeast Syria
07:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Şeker says isolation of Öcalan is a political message
20:02 WOMEN TJA activist jailed in Hakkari
19:29 NEWS Kurdish activists in Geneva call on the UN to act for Shengal
18:52 NEWS HDP MP Koç: The government is violating the constitution
18:11 NEWS Demo for Shengal in front of Iraqi consulate in Berlin
17:33 KURDISTAN Yazidis: April 1 is a plan to purge the organized state in Shengal
16:51 NEWS Protest against the isolation of Öcalan in Amed
16:19 NEWS HDP MP Gergerlioğlu: The resistance continues
15:43 NEWS Constitutional Court returns HDP indictment by unanimous vote
15:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Security Operation in Hol Camp continues at the 5th section
14:56 NEWS $6.4 billion humanitarian aid pledged for Syrian refugees
14:24 NEWS Lawyers file another application to visit Öcalan
13:58 WOMEN TJA activist sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in jail
13:29 NEWS Sinn Féin condemns oppression of Kurdish political representatives in Turkey
12:58 NEWS French lawyers notify ICC against Macron for not repatriating ISIS families held in Rojava
12:25 WOMEN Women in Stockholm protest Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention
11:58 FEATURES Africa has become the new ISIS stronghold
11:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Residents in Ain Issa: What does Erdoğan want from us and our children?
10:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Activists from Stuttgart take over the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil on week 458
10:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces capture senior ISIS figure in Hol Camp
09:54 NEWS Luxembourg Left Party sends solidarity message to HDP
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in prison reach day 125
08:51 NEWS Kurdish civil society organisations urge international community to act for Shengal
08:22 NEWS German novelist urges Merkel to ensure the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
07:49 FEATURES Cemil Bayık: "Öcalan's birthday is the birthday of a nation, a people and humanity"
21:32 NEWS HDP rejects German government’s remarks over closure case
20:45 FEATURES KCK: The HBDH carries on the tradition of Mahir Çayan and his comrades
20:24 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkish authorities protect murderers in Şenyaşar case
19:23 NEWS HDP youth member forced into a car and pressured to become an informer
18:59 NEWS HDP co-chairs meet with PACE president
18:33 FEATURES HDP releases Final Document of its Party Assembly meeting
17:44 NEWS Constitutional Court report on indictment demanding closure of the HDP completed
17:17 HUMAN RIGHTS 18th group of Kurdish refugees takes over hunger strike in Greek camp
16:35 NEWS Activists pay tribute to Mahir Çayan and Kılızdere revolutionaries
16:06 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Behdinan activists have been on hunger strike for 41 days
15:32 NEWS Can: Support for HDP is increasing
14:33 FEATURES Karayilan: Is there room for the Kurds in the 21st century?
14:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Balance sheet for operation in Hol Camp: 5 heads of cells and 53 ISIS mercenaries arrested so far
13:32 NEWS Women Defend Rojava to take to the streets in Berlin on Öcalan's birthday
13:03 NEWS Student activists call for boycott on 1 April
12:45 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers of Abdullah Öcalan apply to visit Imrali
12:27 HUMAN RIGHTS Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar resume Vigil for Justice after being released
12:04 NEWS Operation aginst TUHAD-FED in Çukurova leads to at least 11 arrests
11:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Police take Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar into custody
11:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Demonstration in Düsseldorf Airport to stop mass deportation of Tamil people