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10:45 News Switzerland bans weapons sales to 21 countries including Turkey
10:10 Rojava Women of Afrin: “Erdoğan will regret he entered Afrin”
09:50 News Suicide attack by ISIS against Iraqi forces
09:40 News Mass detentions in Ankara
00:40 Human Rights Heavy prison conditions for political prisoners in Urmia
00:35 Kurdistan The freedom flower of the mountains
00:30 News Is it a former president or a project going to jail?
00:20 Kurdistan Call for action against Turkish occupation of Southern Kurdistan
00:10 Women Second stage of "Women Rise Up for Afrin" campaign launched
00:00 Rojava Turkmen citizen from Manbij to Turkey: Leave us alone
14:43 Kurdistan 8 Turkish soldiers killed in Şırnak and Hakkari
13:12 News 'Afrin fear' in the German army
12:47 Kurdistan 4-year-old crashed by Turkish armored vehicle loses foot
12:27 Rojava YPG International calls for retaliation against Turkey’s fascism
11:40 Rojava Three gang members killed in Afrin
11:34 Human Rights HRW: Turkish-allied groups loot people’s property in Afrin
11:24 Rojava YPG/YPJ fighters deal heavy blows to invaders in Afrin
10:50 News Thousands demonstrate in Aleppo for the freedom of Ocalan
10:15 News ISIS kills three civilians in Kirkuk
10:10 Rojava International protection demanded for people’s return to Afrin
09:50 News Boycott action at Los Angeles international airport for Afrin
00:45 News ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ demonstration in Hamburg
00:40 Culture Communist writer Daniel Chavarria dies in Havana
00:35 News Call to boycott Turkish tourism and goods
00:30 News Hunger strike in front of the UN ends
00:20 Rojava Property of Afrin residents confiscated
00:10 News Ahmet Türk: Turkey isolates both Kurds and Mr. Öcalan
00:00 Features KCK's Bayık: Syria must accept Kurds' self-government and freedom
22:44 News Turkey’s Erdoğan threatens France after Munster attack
22:28 Rojava 3 gang members killed, 2 others wounded in Afrin
16:12 Rojava Olive trees in Afrin in danger
16:08 Kurdistan HDP delegations meets with Masoud Barzani
14:38 Kurdistan 10 Turkish soldiers killed in Dersim and Hakkari
14:11 Kurdistan 12 Turkish soldiers killed in Southern Kurdistan
13:55 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb villages in Hewler countryside
13:46 Kurdistan Kirkuk youth protests against Turkish attacks
13:13 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistanis speak up against the invasion
11:35 Features "Freedom movement won't let this people suffer another genocide"
11:05 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers desecrate guerrillas' gravestones
10:45 Rojava Two Turkish soldiers injured in YPG action in Afrin
09:00 Kurdistan KONGRA-GEL: “Boycott Turkish goods and tourism”
00:40 News NGOs against German arms trade with Turkey
00:30 News 28 April: Global Action Day for Sur and Hasankeyf
00:20 Features Former FARC guerrillas discuss the peace process
00:10 Kurdistan 327 weeks demanding justice for Roboski
00:05 Culture French writer’s “Kurdish Wheatear” novel wins prize
00:00 Human Rights Human rights violations in Turkey in 2017
20:53 Rojava 4 gang members killed, 2 others wounded in Afrin
16:27 Kurdistan Two Turkish soldiers killed, another wounded in Hakkari
15:42 Kurdistan 120 families left their homes due to Turkish attacks on Bashur