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09:00 Human Rights Turkish state’s prison policy: 437 prisons, 260.000 prisoners
08:30 News Justice for Roboski demanded for the 83rd month
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria PYD commemorated Şîlan Kobanê and other Mosul martyrs
07:30 News Colombia on strike for public education
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Syrian Dialogue Workshop continues in Ayn Isa
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Syrian Opposition visited Autonomous Administration in Qamishlo
15:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Successful operation against Turkish-backed mercenaries in Afrin
14:50 Kurdistan Tevgera Azadi office in Kifri also shut down
14:30 Kurdistan HPG guerrillas: PKK fights for all oppressed peoples
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Syrian opposition discusses future of Syria in Ayn Isa
13:30 News Summaries of proceedings for Pervin Buldan and 20 MPs
13:00 Kurdistan Tevgera Azadi’s offices in Koyê shut down
12:30 News Tahir Elci remembered where he was killed
11:45 News Police intervenes in Elci’s memorial in Ankara
11:30 News MEP Dance calls for freedom for Öcalan
10:30 News Switzerland celebrates PKK anniversary
10:00 News Rete Kurdistan Italy on the 40th anniversary of the PKK
09:30 News MEP Lambert: Öcalan should be released immediately
09:00 Human Rights IHD report on Urfa prisons
08:30 News Yazidis in Iraq still in danger
08:00 Culture Mujica film to open Festival in Havana
07:30 Kurdistan Five Kurdish language teachers arrested
18:00 Women HDP called on women in Van to make their voice heard
17:30 News HDP co-chair condemned new political arrests
17:00 News HDP MP on hunger strike: My demand is the demand of millions
16:15 Kurdistan PKK’s founding celebrated in Kurdistan mountains
15:45 Culture Play on Kurdistan on stage in Milan
15:15 Kurdistan PKK message on the 40th anniversary: We will definitely win
14:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Kobanê people celebrate 40th anniversary of the PKK
14:00 Kurdistan 15 dead as guerrillas hit Turkish forces to mark PKK's 40th year
13:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Clashes between residents and Erdogan’s gangs in al-Bab
13:00 Kurdistan Year 41 will be the year of victory and success for guerrillas
12:00 News Political genocide operations in 3 cities: At least 55 detained
11:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD: Working for the people
11:00 Features The PKK foundation in Sakine Cansız's words
10:30 News Astana meeting: much of the same
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Nine civilians kidnapped in Afrin
09:30 News Basque Parliament seeks transfer from Fallen Valley
09:00 Kurdistan KCK celebrates the 40th anniversary of the PKK
08:30 News The Spanish stone in the Brexit shoe
07:30 News “Notes for Women” in Irish National Cultural Heritage
17:00 Rojava-Northern Syria A family of resistance in Raqqa
16:30 Women UN: Violence against women a “mark of shame” on all societies
16:00 News KESK: Workers and union members will fight for peace
15:30 Rojava-Northern Syria MSD prepares for inter-Syrian dialogue
15:00 Culture Relocation in Hasankeyf accelerates
14:30 Human Rights Asrin Law Office: Leyla Guven is pointing to the solution
14:00 Human Rights “Attacks against Yazidis aim for cultural genocide”
13:30 Human Rights PKK and PAJK prisoners to go on a hunger strike against isolation
13:00 Kurdistan Earthquake in Kermanshah: 2 people dead in Kelar