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16:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Demo in Til Hemis: Turkey must be brought to justice
15:33 KURDISTAN HPG: 2 positions destroyed, 1 helicopter damaged
14:59 CULTURE Street theatre in Shengal: The tragedy and betrayal
14:27 NEWS UN says ‘huge risk’ of regional war in conflict-riven Libya
13:49 KURDISTAN HPG commander: Guerrillas taught the colonialists a lesson
13:13 NEWS Two activists killed during protests in Baghdad
12:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey attacks Zirgan, injuring a civilian
12:16 KURDISTAN Writer Ferac: Turkey attacks the PKK because it represents Kurds
11:38 NEWS AKP makes thousands in Erciş members without their knowledge
11:05 HUMAN RIGHTS Women prisoners expose rights violations in Sincan jail
10:33 NEWS Irish government unveils plan for reopening schools after Covid
10:01 NEWS Coronavirus once again on the rise in the Spanish State
09:27 NEWS Activists in Örebro celebrate the Rojava Revolution
08:58 NEWS Activists in Nuremberg pay tribute to martyrs of freedom
08:23 WOMEN Women detained for gathering at home!
07:49 NEWS Jinên Tîrêjên Rojê Initiative claims actions in Istanbul
20:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Afrin
19:58 NEWS Worsening Covid-19 situation in Iran
19:26 HUMAN RIGHTS Behrouz Boochani granted asylum in New Zealand
18:45 KURDISTAN Civilian vehicles bombed by Turkish jets in South Kurdistan
17:00 NEWS Memorial for Şahin Amed and Zana Med in Bern
16:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syria's coronavirus cases rise to 650
15:52 WOMEN YJA Star: Every bullet fired is revenge for a woman
15:12 NEWS SOHR: Turkey sends new batch of jihadists to Libya
14:36 HUMAN RIGHTS PAJK calls for other methods of struggle than hunger strike
13:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Mother of Çiçek Kobane calls for action for her daughter
13:17 WOMEN ESP co-chair and SKM members taken into custody
12:43 NEWS Online discussion on the Kurdish Movement next Tuesday
12:07 KURDISTAN 'I fight to fulfil the martyrs' dreams', says YJA Star guerrilla
11:35 KURDISTAN YJA STAR guerrillas: We won't give up our cause
11:03 KURDISTAN HPG Press Centre releases identity of guerrillas fallen in Xantur
10:32 NEWS Actions to protest violence against women in 3 European cities
09:58 NEWS Paramilitaries kill another former FARC guerrilla
09:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three ISIS women captured as they tried to escape from Hol Camp
08:57 NEWS Activists in Munich pay tribute to the Rojava Revolution
08:23 NEWS Kılıçdaroğlu is re-elected President of the CHP
07:49 NEWS Activists in Germany protest Turkish attacks on Kurds
20:49 NEWS Solidarity with Saturday Mothers in Stuttgart, Basel, Vienna
20:02 NEWS Demonstration on the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne
19:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army puts up a wall in Til Temir region
18:39 KURDISTAN HPG: 13 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
17:58 NEWS Demo in Duisburg against Turkey’s attacks on the Kurds
17:23 KURDISTAN Funeral home converted into Grey Wolves’ headquarters in Siirt
16:29 NEWS Czech couple released from Turkish prison
15:57 NEWS 61 bodies recovered after boat capsizing in Lake Van
14:38 KURDISTAN Diyadin's trustee stops HDP project
14:03 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla Kato: We control the terrain in Heftanin
13:31 KURDISTAN Forest fire after artillery attack on Mount Cudi
13:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Police attack Saturday Mothers at the 800th week of action
12:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Osmaniye expose new violation of rights