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13:34 NEWS Feminist boycott at the Tourism Fair in Hamburg
12:58 KURDISTAN HPG discloses identities of two martyred guerrillas
12:19 NEWS Four people taken into custody in Artuklu
11:59 NEWS ISIG says that 112 workers died in their workplace
11:22 CULTURE The true story of the Sur resistance: Ji bo Azadiyê
11:01 NEWS Long March in Frankfurt enters its second day
10:34 KURDISTAN 13 refugees found dead in Çaldıran
10:02 KURDISTAN Governor of Van orders 15 more days of ban on events and actions
09:31 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD highlights situation of ill prisoners
08:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Temir gets electricity back after 4 days of black out
08:23 NEWS Kurds in Rennes protest international conspiracy against Öcalan
07:47 NEWS HDP assembly member Acar remanded in custody
21:53 NEWS Polls in Ireland about to close
19:32 WOMEN How state repression promotes violence against women
18:49 NEWS Europe-wide demonstrations for Öcalan concluded
18:08 KURDISTAN Delegation from Bakur meets with intellectuals in Bashur
17:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: Where is the body of Maksut Tepeli?
16:44 NEWS 543 people killed since the beginning of the protests in Iraq
16:01 NEWS Vengeance Unit destroys business in Istanbul
15:33 NEWS HDP’s Kubilay: Turkey must withdraw unconditionally from Syria
14:54 NEWS Stuttgart march against international conspiracy continues
14:29 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb guerrilla zones in southern Kurdistan
13:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed militias set to withdraw from M5
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF reports increasingly ongoing attacks against northern Syria
12:46 NEWS KCK vows to continue their struggle until Ocalan is freed
12:08 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Demir says no legal ground for most trials of co-mayors
11:32 NEWS Coronavirus claims 723 lives
10:55 NEWS Police arrests two Kurdish artists in Adana
10:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three Syrian soldiers die in a mine explosion in Til Temir
09:59 NEWS Voters going to the polls in the Republic of Ireland
09:31 ECOLOGY Human chain against Kanal Istanbul Project in Kadıköy
08:58 NEWS March for Öcalan in Paris continues on day 2
08:24 NEWS Second day of the march for Öcalan in Düsseldorf
07:48 NEWS Pardon of Madimak massacre perpetrator protested in Strasbourg
20:32 KURDISTAN Martyrs of Cizre commemorated
19:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Temir without electricity for two days due to ongoing attacks
19:21 ECOLOGY 100,000 olive trees planted in Raqqa
18:42 KURDISTAN One kolbar killed, another froze to death in January
18:06 HUMAN RIGHTS HRW: Kurdish mayors’ removal violates voters’ rights
17:33 NEWS Final Resolution of the 16th EUTCC Conference in EP
16:52 NEWS Call to “Boycott Turkey” at the tourism fair in Hamburg
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA MFS Commander: No other choice but to resist
15:44 NEWS Two-day march for Öcalan in Vienna
15:13 NEWS Long march for Öcalan in Stuttgart
14:45 NEWS Three-day march for Öcalan in Paris
14:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack on Til Temir kills six fighters
13:52 NEWS Families apply to visit Imralı
13:21 KURDISTAN HPG guerilla martyred in ISIS attack laid to rest in Maxmur
12:49 WOMEN KJK calls on women to practice self-defense and organise
12:06 NEWS 4-day march in Switzerland for Öcalan and national unity