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18:45 NEWS Resistance continues in Amed: We will never bow down
18:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA One mercenary killed, another wounded in Rajo, Afrin
17:45 KURDISTAN HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Xakurke
17:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA 5,000 bodies recovered from the mass graves in Raqqa
16:45 NEWS 16th day of resistance for municipalities in Van
16:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Delegation from Nigeria visits Rojava
15:45 NEWS Resistance against trustees continues in Mardin
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG: The chief financial-officer of ISIS sleeper cells arrested
14:50 NEWS Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit Imralı
14:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Over 20 civilians abducted in occupied Afrin in two days
13:50 NEWS HDP’s condolence message for Immanuel Wallerstein
13:25 NEWS DTK member detained in Amed
13:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Car bomb injures 8 in Turkish occupied Azaz
12:45 FEATURES Michael Panser: Good luck to you all!
12:15 NEWS 100 thousand people face displacement from Hasankeyf, report says
11:45 FEATURES HDP mayors write to European mayors about trustees
11:16 KURDISTAN Peace Mothers: Third day of action against embargo on Maxmur
10:47 CULTURE Filmmakers organise Peace Forum against trustees in Istanbul
10:16 NEWS HDP deputy Maçin: Trustees are the AKP's last move
09:47 KURDISTAN Villages of Bradost under Turkish threat
09:17 CULTURE Two thousand children in Shehba draw a 500-meter-long painting
08:48 NEWS 5-Stars Movement to decide whether to back new coalition today
08:16 NEWS Amed resistance through ANF's lenses
07:46 KURDISTAN Soldiers cause fire in Kulp
19:04 NEWS 15th day of resistance in Van: We will never take a step back
18:21 NEWS Resistance for municipalities continues in Mardin
17:00 NEWS Release verdict for Demirtaş who will yet remain in prison
16:30 NEWS Demo against the seizure of HDP municipalities in Rome
15:55 KURDISTAN Contra-guerilla activities reported in Şırnak region
15:25 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb another village in South Kurdistan
14:57 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit two attack helicopters of the Turkish army
14:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS OGI: 146 journalists behind bars in Turkey
13:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Gire Spi Military Council: We will defend our peoples and lands
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 12 Turkish soldiers and 4 mercenaries killed in Afrin
12:54 NEWS HBDH militia claim responsibility for the yacht fire in Marmaris
12:19 KURDISTAN Tevgera Azadi member jailed in Hewlêr on hunger strike
11:47 NEWS Turkey's economy continues to shrink
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Restructuring Northern and Eastern Syria
10:48 NEWS Argentina's government authorized currency controls
10:19 FEATURES HDP's Gülüm: In a country without rule of law, resisting is a right
09:46 NEWS Conference in Berlin on peace and democracy in Turkey
09:17 FEATURES Leyla Güven called for unity of Kurds at Van meeting
08:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA The threats of the Turkish state are discussed in Girê Spî
08:15 NEWS Amed resistance against the trustees: Day 15
07:47 KURDISTAN Mothers of Maxmur in sit-in against KDP Public Security Forces
17:21 NEWS Istanbul Peace rally: We'll advocate democracy and peace together
16:30 NEWS Amed rally: “Democratic solution for honorable peace”
16:05 NEWS Van rally: Stand up for peace against war!
15:30 KURDISTAN Turkish police who desecrated martyrs’ graves were hit in Amed
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey's water war targets agriculture in northern Syria