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07:49 NEWS Leyla Şaylemez Revenge Unit claims sabotage action in Istanbul
20:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Military Council foils mercenaries infiltration attempt
19:24 WOMEN Woman missing for 13 days found dead
18:38 HUMAN RIGHTS 17 Kurdish juveniles detained by Iranian security forces in 2020
17:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA 674 civilians killed, 7,343 abducted in Afrin in three years
16:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack injures two civilians in Ain Issa
15:57 KURDISTAN 9th group takes over the hunger strike in Maxmur
15:15 HUMAN RIGHTS Korkut: Hunger strike doubly dangerous due to pandemic
14:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces shell villages near Manbij
14:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Solidarity hunger strike for Öcalan launched in Kobanê
13:32 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb Medya Defense Zones
12:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces bomb Ain Issa and M4 highway
12:22 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV footage from action of self-sacrifice in Bazid
11:39 WOMEN Women in solidarity with Raqqa refugees
11:10 KURDISTAN From Mardin to Switzerland to the mountains of Kurdistan
10:41 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal enters day 33
10:14 WOMEN Women commemorate Yasemin Çetindağ
09:46 NEWS Ban on actions and activities in Van continues
09:21 NEWS Young activists in Bordeaux demand freedom for Öcalan
08:53 WOMEN Activists in Cologne organise action for '100 reason campaign'
08:22 NEWS Women lead resistance against Erdoğan's regime, says Clare Baker
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in prisons reaches day 38
19:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA “We stand with the SDF against occupation attacks”
18:28 KURDISTAN Kurdish letters removed from signboards in Artuklu, Mardin
17:49 WOMEN 300 women murdered in Turkey in 2020
16:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Families of martyrs to go on solidarity hunger strike in Kobanê
15:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack Shehba
14:31 NEWS SOHR: Payments of Turkish-backed mercenaries deducted and delayed
13:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Car bomb kills 5 in Turkish occupied Serekaniye
13:24 WOMEN Women growing vegetables in Tirbespiyê for 2 years
12:51 KURDISTAN HPG: Six guerrillas martyred in Avashin
12:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 'The Turkish state deliberately targets civilians'
11:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Girê Spî refugees: We want to return to our houses
11:19 KURDISTAN Vigil by people in Shengal reaches day 32
10:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Ilham Ehmed: Our goal in the New Year is to end occupation
10:15 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Vejin Helmet: The PKK is a people's party
09:44 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners enter 37th day of hunger strike
09:13 KURDISTAN A guerrilla coming from a family of village guards
08:42 NEWS Trustee fires 84 employees of Diyarbakır Municipality
08:11 KURDISTAN When the guerrilla is not in motion
07:42 KURDISTAN Imam sentenced to prison over funeral prayer for HPG fighters
20:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mine explodes in a Turkish truck in al-Bab
19:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF captures 14 ISIS members preparing an attack
18:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Number of Coronavirus cases in Rojava exceeds 8000
17:29 FEATURES YPJ Commander: We are entering 2021 stronger and more determined
16:47 NEWS HBDH Militia carried out 63 actions in 2020
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Organized society is the guarantee of communal society
15:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation attacks on Ain Issa region continue
15:07 WOMEN Agricultural projects for displaced women from Serêkaniyê
14:14 NEWS Egyptian researcher: ISIS is still active in 12 regions