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15:32 KURDISTAN 12 people sentenced to 99 years in prison in "KCK Silopi case"
14:56 NEWS High prison sentences demanded in PKK trial in Stuttgart
14:17 NEWS 7 Kurds jailed in France
13:37 HUMAN RIGHTS PKK and PAJK prisoners: "We will not repent"
13:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attacks on Til Temir continue
12:29 WOMEN Istanbul Convention: "Vaccine for Women against Violence"
11:55 NEWS HDP meets with European Parliament GUE / NGL and Greens MEPs
11:24 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to 5 guerrillas fallen in Kato Jirka in 2016
10:47 NEWS Kurds in Europe take to the streets for Öcalan
10:18 NEWS Former HDP deputy Kadri Yildirim to be buried today
09:52 FEATURES The Turkish death squad in Europe and its connections
09:23 NEWS Kurdish writer Adil Başaran remanded in custody
08:51 NEWS Freedom For Öcalan organises webinar on Peace and the Kurdish political movement
08:22 KURDISTAN HPG commemorates guerrilla Xwînrêj Êrîş
07:49 NEWS Solidarity with the HDP from many European parties
19:29 NEWS KCDK-E/TJK-E: Rise up for Öcalan
18:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Özen: There is no legal explanation for Öcalan’s isolation
18:02 NEWS Kurds take to streets for Öcalan in Cyprus
17:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF releases ID information of 8 fighters martyred in Ain Issa
16:49 NEWS HDP holds online meeting with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe
16:09 NEWS 7 years and 9 months in prison for commemoration of 2015 Ankara massacre victims
15:33 WOMEN YPJ calls on the UN and international community to act for Çiçek Kobane
14:51 KURDISTAN HPG Air Defense Units hit Turkish soldiers in Heftanin
14:19 NEWS 50 detained as police attacks Boğaziçi University students
13:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clash between Syrian regime forces and “rebels” in Idlib countryside
13:11 NEWS Lawyers apply to visit Imrali after Öcalan’s call for a meeting
12:39 NEWS Norwegian Red Party condemns attempts to ban the HDP
12:17 NEWS Indonesian Working People’s Party expresses solidarity with the HDP
11:52 KURDISTAN HPG / YJA Star guerrillas celebrate Newroz in Avaşîn
11:23 WOMEN Health center for women and children in Qamishlo becomes reality
10:48 NEWS Women Weaving Future organises webinar on Abdullah Öcalan
10:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Temir: SDF foils attacks, Turkey moves troops
09:53 WOMEN UK Civil Society Women’s Alliance condemns Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention
09:18 FEATURES Abdullah Öcalan: This is very dangerous, it can't be accepted
08:50 KURDISTAN Newroz celebration in Kirkuk
08:21 NEWS EU summit agrees on further financial aid for Turkey
07:47 KURDISTAN Shengal Autonomous Council: We demand our rights enshrined in the constitution
21:20 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: “Not us but the perpetrators should be put on trial”
20:29 NEWS Boğaziçi University students detained over rainbow flags
19:53 KURDISTAN Turkish army terrorizes people after Newroz celebration in a village in Bingöl
18:02 KURDISTAN Heftanin State Command warns collaborators
17:27 NEWS Asrin Law Office informs about contact with Öcalan
16:49 KURDISTAN Enthusiastic Newroz celebration by the guerrillas in Garê
16:16 NEWS MEPs call on EU summit participants to end the appeasement policy towards Erdoğan regime
15:41 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IPI to European Union: Prioritize press freedom in Turkey
15:03 NEWS 80-year-old forced to "protest" in front of HDP
14:31 NEWS Prof. Paech: Abdullah Öcalan's safety is a vital issue
13:54 NEWS Socialist Aotearoa from New Zealand condemns ban proceedings against HDP
13:23 WOMEN HDP Women’s Assembly: Istanbul Convention is ours, we won’t give up on it
12:59 NEWS Three new applications to visit Öcalan