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11:30 News Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger: Youth must step up the resistance
10:50 News AvEG-Kon on one month solidarity hunger strike
10:30 News ISIS attacked Iraqi police in Kirkuk: 3 dead
10:10 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion in Manbij, one child injured
10:00 News KCK: Isolation hasn’t ended, demands haven’t been met
09:29 News European Union reacted to Istanbul elections re-run decision
08:56 News Prisoner Akhan: Isolation still on, the resistance continues
08:40 News Hunger striker Imam Şiş: The resistance goes on
08:00 News Families in Esenyurt: Vigil to continue until demands are met
07:31 News Strasbourg hunger strikers: The resistance will go on
20:03 News YSK rules for a rerun of Istanbul mayoral election
19:20 Kurdistan Turkish army bombed Sheladize
19:05 Features Prisoners: Our resistance will continue until our demands are met
17:35 News Meeting with French AI official on Öcalan’s isolation
17:00 News Uppsala Left Party shows solidarity with hunger strikers
16:30 News Hunger strikers’ families: We are proud of them
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE: 5 terrorists were killed in Afrin
15:30 News Greens MP: Isolation is a human rights violation
14:55 Features Lawyers held a press conference on meeting with Öcalan - UPDATED
14:40 Features Hezbolcounter settled in Southern Kurdistan
14:06 News Police attacked mothers of prisoners, detained 4 in Bakırköy
13:44 News Mothers march in Amed despite police ban
13:19 Features Turkish ISIS responsible: Kobanê was the biggest mistake
12:58 News Families resist despite the attack
12:41 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish forces and mercenaries attack villages of Shera, Afrin
12:28 Kurdistan 4 Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari
12:09 News Actions by Revolutionary Youth Movement
11:45 News Öcalan’s lawyers to hold a press conference
11:37 Kurdistan 27 Yazidis rescued from ISIS handed over to the Shengal Council
11:11 Kurdistan Clashes in Northern Kurdistan: Two Turkish soldiers killed
10:50 News 47 years ago, Deniz, Yusuf, Hüseyin
10:29 Rojava-Northern Syria Deir ez-Zor people protest Turkish attacks and wall construction
10:02 Freedom of the Press Journalist Evren is on the 142nd day of hunger strike
09:23 News Mothers in Esenyurt Square: We are not afraid of them
09:00 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 141
08:29 News Leyla Güven: Day 180 of hunger strike
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Farewell ceremony for internationalist YPG fighter Orsetti
07:30 News Syriza meeting in Greece talked about hunger strike resistance
18:00 News Italy asked CPT to take its responsibility on isolation
17:02 News Prisoner Sinem Oğuz: 102 days on hunger strike
16:00 Women Colombian human rights defender escaped murder attempt
15:32 News Second day of hunger strike in Stuttgart
15:31 News Leyla Güven reached day 179 of hunger strike
15:00 Women Let's be the voice of the mothers resistance!
14:02 News Rally against isolation in Frankfurt
13:30 Freedom of the Press Journalists for Democracy in Turkey and Kurdistan launched in UK
12:30 News Israel bombed Gaza: at least 11 dead
12:04 News Die Linke Taş visited hunger strikers in Berlin
11:33 Rojava-Northern Syria Afrin Liberation Forces: 40 terrorists killed in Afrin
10:52 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bombed Barzan