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12:20 Kurdistan Shopkeeper in South Kurdistan burns himself
12:10 Rojava Hepatitis patients from Afrin left without medicine
11:55 News Municipality of Florence demands freedom for Öcalan
11:15 Kurdistan Sakine Rus: A human shield from Russia in Qandil
10:40 Human Rights AI: Turkey must stop serious violations in Afrin
10:15 Rojava 9 civilians tortured and kidnapped in Afrin
09:00 Women Flormar workers enter their 80th day of protest
08:30 Culture A Syrian musician talks about his pain
08:00 Rojava Dengê Jiyanê Radio begins broadcast in Northern Syria
18:30 Rojava Afrin students have ended their school year
18:00 Rojava People of Afrin stick to the commune system
17:45 Rojava Armed attack by gangs leaves a civilian wounded in Afrin
17:30 Human Rights Prisoners sold books at twice the prize
17:00 Women Kongreya Star launches campaign for Öcalan in Kobanê Canton
16:20 News Women politicians talk of the need for dialogue in Syria
15:55 News Majority of Germans opposed to Erdogan’s visit
15:15 News Protests and demonstrations in many Iranian cities
14:45 Rojava 83 years old Seydo Belo: Gangs in Afrin wanted to behead me
13:55 Rojava Theft and torture again in Afrin
13:30 Women YJŞ fighters: We will avenge Yazidi women
11:55 Women Woman abducted 8 times by gangs in Afrin speaks out
11:20 Kurdistan “They set forests on fire to drive the people out”
11:00 Rojava Invaders kidnap another civilian in Afrin
10:45 Rojava Gangs blockade the public bazaar in Afrin
10:10 Culture "How can one be afraid of a cultural festival?"
10:05 Rojava Clashes and explosions in Afrin
10:00 Kurdistan Turkish army terrorizes local people in Kulp
09:50 News Explosion in Kirkuk kills one
09:45 Kurdistan Clash at Turkish military base in Şırnak
09:30 Kurdistan HPG reports continued actions against the Turkish army
09:00 Rojava 58 young people from Heseke join YPG ranks
19:00 News 5 thousand teachers complete their training in Deir ez-Zor
18:30 News British national acquitted in YPG-related case
18:00 Kurdistan Christians want representatives in the Kurdistan Parliament
17:30 News MSD-Damascus meeting said to have irritated Turkey and KDP
16:45 Kurdistan Over 30 people detained in Van
15:30 News HDP’s Temelli: Economy is out of control amid a governance crisis
15:00 Rojava MSD’s Ehmed: Meeting with Syrian officials was positive
14:30 News KCDK-E: Shengal’s autonomous status must be recognized
13:40 Kurdistan Shengal’s PADÊ remembers victims of August 3 genocide
13:05 Rojava YPG: Three terrorists killed in Afrin
12:45 News Iraqi activists and organizations to protest Turkish invasion
12:15 Women Kongreya Star conference kicks off in Qamishlo
12:00 Human Rights Jalaliyan and 9 other political prisoners go on hunger strike
11:45 Kurdistan Children who chanted “Bijî Serok Apo” in Amed acquitted
11:15 Kurdistan Turkish army suffers heavy losses in Lelikan and Çarçela
11:00 Rojava First orphanage to open in Kobane
10:45 Kurdistan Human Shield activists in Qandil salute Rojava youth's action
10:30 Rojava People of Afrin: We chose resistance instead of mourning
10:00 Kurdistan “Turkey wants to erase the Kurds' memory by destroying monuments"