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14:55 Rojava MSD co-chair confirms readiness to talk with regime
13:56 News SDF encircles the last ISIS stronghold south of Hesekê
13:48 Kurdistan KCK call for Bashur and the KDP: Take a stand against invasion
13:07 News "We have been waiting for the SDF"
12:53 News 14 HDP members detained in police crackdown in İzmir
12:30 Rojava Invaders kidnap 9 more people in Afrin
12:15 News Temelli: We will close the black hole on June 24
11:55 News Secret EU report: AKP missioned ISIS for Ankara massacre
11:41 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action against secret Turkish unit
10:51 Kurdistan Deserted the Turkish army, joined the guerilla
10:19 News Memorial for Martyr Çekdar and Lecwan in Marseilles
10:08 News Vigil for Öcalan goes to Kurdish and German group
09:50 News Kurdish speaking prisoners tortured
09:00 Women Biehl: Autobiography of Sakine Cansız is a historical document
08:00 Women Sakine Cansız Women’s Festival in Zurich
22:55 News Al-Bab Military Council issues a call against Turkish invasion
20:40 News HDP’s Buldan: Erdogan is about to expire!
18:40 News Temelli: Together we will write a democratic constitution
18:00 Women Kongreya Star calls on the UN to act for Afrin
17:30 News Thousands rally in Istanbul for the HDP
16:30 Culture “Havana is the set for my novels as it’s the place I know best"
16:00 Rojava MSD welcomes Syrian government opening doors for dialogue
15:00 Culture Destruction of Sur on World Heritage Watch Report 2018
14:00 Kurdistan Reactions from South Kurdistan: KDP greets the invaders
13:30 News HDP election offices attacked in İzmir and Mersin
12:35 Features A possible operation against Qandil
11:50 Rojava Êzidîs: “Turkey continues ISIS invasion of Shengal in Afrin"
11:25 Kurdistan Aerial attack against Qandil villages
11:15 News Campaign stand removed due to AKP pressure in Bordeaux
10:45 Human Rights Campaign for Kurdish political prisoner Panahi
10:30 News Turkish consulates at Erdoğan’s service
10:00 News 100 Euros for a vote in Frankfurt
01:05 News SDF liberates two more villages east of Shaddadi
00:45 Features KCK’s Mahir: AKP brought only destruction to this country
00:25 News The kidnapping of Argentina by the IMF
00:10 Kurdistan People of Qandil: We will frustrate Turkey’s attacks
00:00 News Iraq: Turkey's attacks violate Iraq’s sovereignty
19:35 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb villages in South Kurdistan
19:30 Rojava Rojava Youth Coordination supports “Rise Up” campaign for Afrin
16:30 Rojava Manbij Municipality working to make the city people-friendly
15:45 News Syriacs in Europe ask for votes for HDP and Demirtaş
15:00 Women Manbij Women’s Council: No to Turkish intervention
14:00 News HDP’s student MP candidate: We are a party of young people
12:45 Kurdistan Two more kolbars killed by Iranian forces in East Kurdistan
12:30 Human Rights Iranian regime to execute Panahi after Ramadan
11:45 News Human and Freedom Party supports HDP
11:30 Rojava Mine explosion kills four, injures four others in Shehba
11:05 News SDF liberates a village near Dashisha town
10:55 Features Qandil and the decline of the Turkish regime
10:30 News Ahmet Şık: The torturers will be brought to justice