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18:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Education continues despite difficult conditions in the camps
17:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Over 600 prisoners released in Northeast Syria
17:17 NEWS Paris and Berlin criticise Turkey's provocations
16:33 NEWS Letter to Merkel by the families of German revolutionaries
15:59 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV footage from Heftanin
15:28 NEWS Yazidis organize vigil for Shengal in Germany
14:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa people commemorate Hevrin Xelef
14:16 NEWS Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative claims actions in two cities
13:43 KURDISTAN HPG disclose identities of 3 guerrillas fallen in Heftanin
13:12 CULTURE First Amara Culture, Art and Sports Festival starts tomorrow
12:38 NEWS Azerbaijan bombs Armenia despite ceasefire, conflict may escalate
12:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Emine Umer: Russia begins to play a negative role in Syria
11:36 WOMEN KBDH vows to step up struggle against violence targeting women
11:03 NEWS Young activists in Europe demand freedom for Öcalan
10:34 KURDISTAN In memory of 4 freedom fighters...
09:59 NEWS SIt-in for Öcalan in Strasbourg enters day 4
09:21 WOMEN Woman killed in Düzce
08:49 NEWS 22 people detained in Hakkari
08:21 NEWS Kurdish youngster murdered by police in Istanbul
07:47 FEATURES Joining the Democratic Confederalism Leadership
20:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenary leader killed in Afrin
20:26 NEWS Motion for the removal of five HDP deputies’ immunity tabled
19:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces bomb a village in Girê Spî
19:11 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Council of Europe discusses the arrest of journalists in Van
18:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA 100 prisoners released through general amnesty in Manbij
17:59 NEWS No sub-commission established to investigate helicopter torture
17:22 NEWS Sit-in in front of the Council of Europe continues
16:47 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Jailed journalist: We will protect the honor of our profession
16:03 CULTURE Culture and Sports Festival held in Kobanê
15:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Russian airstrikes kill 4 rebels in Idlib
14:58 NEWS Court sentences 19 suspects in Ankara massacre trial
14:37 CULTURE HDP: Kurdish language and theater cannot be banned
14:05 NEWS Refugees forced into mine area could not be identified
13:32 NEWS Families wait to be delivered remains of 8 guerrillas for 20 days
13:03 CULTURE Rojava Film Commune releases song celebrating Heftanîn resistance
12:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration establishes Public Supervisory Body
12:02 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Ronya speaks about the martyrs of Heftanîn
11:31 WOMEN Women Defend Rojava joins call for Week of Action for Kobane
10:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Indigenous people in Colombia march for life, peace and democracy
10:26 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Evren: A united struggle will defeat isolation
09:55 NEWS Yazidis in Europe organise vigil against Shengal agreement
09:22 HUMAN RIGHTS State cuts pension of 70-year-old ill woman in Van
08:49 NEWS Yazidi activist killed in Duhok
08:18 NEWS Child traumatized during house raid in Kars no longer speaks
07:44 FEATURES Yazidis criticize the Shengal agreement between KDP and Iraq
22:30 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS YPJ Press Center commemorates martyrs
21:21 NEWS Lawyers’ request to visit Öcalan rejected
20:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldiers murder a minor at Afrin border
20:22 NEWS HDP co-chairs meet with Swedish Foreign Minister
19:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish brutality in Afrin: Civilian crushed by military vehicle