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14:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Series of actions by HRE against invaders in Afrin
14:30 News March against the isolation of Ocalan in Cologne
14:10 News Ambulance called for Gulistan Ike on hunger strike in Strasbourg
14:00 Women Mayan women support Guven: We send our insurgence!
13:30 Kurdistan Nasir Yagiz: Whatever the end may be, I will continue
13:15 News Hashd al-Shaabi and Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq threaten the US
12:30 News Day two of the long march for Ocalan in Duisburg
12:15 Rojava-Northern Syria Preparations for the final operation in Deir ez-Zor underway
11:50 News International Imralı Peace Delegation to visit Turkey
11:40 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg on day 54
11:20 Human Rights 788th appeal to visit Öcalan in Imralı rejected
10:55 Rojava-Northern Syria "I am fighting to stop the war"
09:55 Kurdistan Vigil at border as Shengal-Rojava corridor remains closed
09:40 News A song for ‘Leyla’
09:15 Features Owen: Leyla is ready to die for her people’s freedom and peace
08:55 News 1,064 dead and missing in Spanish waters in 2018
08:30 News Legal persecution of former Brazilian president continues
20:30 News Kurdish activist goes on hunger strike in Giessen
20:10 Rojava-Northern Syria 80 percent of Upper Baghouz village liberated by SDF
19:55 News HDP Co-chair Temelli: We can stop this free fall
18:15 Women Women in North and East Syria against the isolation of Öcalan
17:30 News Father of three on hunger strike in Strasbourg for Ocalan
17:00 News ‘If I sacrifice my life, will this darkness end?’
16:35 News Three-day march for Ocalan in Hamburg
16:10 News DGH: 18 workplaces, 6 factories and 2 warehouses set on fire
15:45 News Intellectuals call on the Swedish government to act for Güven
15:15 News Aberdeen Trade Union Council urges action for Hunger Strikers
15:00 Women Feminist writer Gargallo: Leyla is on a glorious act of courage
14:40 News German police tried to arrest Kurdish hunger striker in Duisburg
14:25 News Important legal victory for Kurds in Germany
14:05 News Kurdish hunger striker in Nurnberg: Ocalan is our mind and heart
13:50 News Long march against isolation started in Germany
13:20 News Kurdish hunger striker in Toronto visited by mothers
13:05 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG announces balance sheet for January
12:40 Human Rights ECHR issues scandalous verdict for Cizre
12:25 Women KJAR's Viyan: Iranian women no longer remain silent
12:10 Rojava-Northern Syria ISIS mercenaries surrender to SDF fighters in Deir ez-Zor 
11:40 News Turks are fleeing to Germany
11:15 News Dundee Trades Council supports Kurdish hunger strikers
10:20 News Kurds organised demonstration for Öcalan in Düsseldorf
10:00 News Hunger striker Şiş: Raise your voice in support of our demands
09:45 News Political genocide operation against the HDP in Mardin
09:35 News Demonstration in Marseille to support hunger strikers
09:15 News Hunger strike continues in the Hague
09:00 Women Jineolojî Camp held in England
07:00 Women Women sent open letter to Leyla Güven
21:30 News Demonstrations in Europe to support Kurdish hunger strikers
21:10 News Turkish-Greek company occupied in protest against isolation
20:35 Kurdistan KDP forces arrest women on hunger strike in front of UN office
16:30 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg reached day 52