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11:10 News Two Italian municipalities award Öcalan with Honorary Citizenship
10:28 Kurdistan Guerrillas plant trees for Afrin on Öcalan’s birthday
10:00 Freedom of the Press Four journalists for Özgürlükçü Demokrasi detained in house raids
00:25 News 9 Boğaziçi University students jailed for defending Afrin
00:20 Features KCK: Leader Apo gets the Middle East up on its feet again
00:15 Kurdistan “Turkey is building more military bases in Southern Kurdistan”
00:10 Rojava Afrin Autonomous Administration issues a call to Syrian peoples
00:05 Kurdistan Turkish army starts an operation in Cudi
00:00 Kurdistan 5 detained in raid on the house of Öcalan’s brother
00:00 Features KCK’s Bayık discloses latest information on Imralı
16:17 News 50 new PKK investigations in Germany in two months
15:47 Kurdistan Festival to mark Öcalan’s birthday in Makhmur
15:05 Rojava Ezidis kidnapped, their sacred places demolished in Afrin
14:26 Rojava People of Manbij: “We don’t want ISIS and we don’t want Turkey"
14:04 Kurdistan Call to the Iraqi government against Turkish attacks
13:35 News Turkey’s violation of the UN Security Council resolution in Afrin
13:00 Features Impressions from Shengal: “Derwishes of our hearts"
12:46 Kurdistan HPG: Turkish airstrikes on guerrilla zones continue
12:18 Rojava YPG reports unsuccessful Turkish army operation in Afrin region
12:05 Women YPJ marks the 5th year of founding and Öcalan’s birthday
11:22 Rojava Church representative Yeqûb: Öcalan respects all people
10:27 Kurdistan Martial law practices on the rise in Northern Kurdistan
10:18 Rojava “Afrin people’s will of resistance will change the balances”
10:06 News HDP Deputy Co-chair taken into custody
09:41 Women YJA-Star guerrillas: "We are in debt to our Leader"
09:25 Rojava Manbij continues to take in refugees
09:20 Kurdistan 12 including HDP members taken into custody in Van
22:36 News Two musicians detained for singing in Kurdish in a wedding
20:00 News Campaign to boycott tourism in Turkey
19:17 Kurdistan Turkish jets demolish cemetery of martyrs in Southern Kurdistan
16:55 Kurdistan Turkish army bombs Sidekan in Southern Kurdistan
15:37 Kurdistan One-month ban in Hakkari, detentions in Cizre
15:11 Kurdistan Armored vehicle destroyed, 8 soldiers killed in Amed
14:47 Kurdistan Autonomous life in Êzidxan cannot be prevented
14:12 Kurdistan Farewell to the guerrillas in Shengal with glorious ceremony
13:41 News Afrin: Resettlement from East Ghouta, then Idlib and Atme
13:21 Kurdistan Demonstrations spread in Southern Kurdistan on the 9th day
12:59 News Bomb attack injures 17 in Raqqa
12:08 Features New development on Imrali: Öcalan’s TV and radio taken away
11:59 Rojava Jihadist militia torture young men from Afrin
11:53 News Portrait of a Turkish-backed jihadist who died in Afrin
11:17 Rojava Shehba calls for a safe zone for 175.000 civilians from Afrin
10:52 Kurdistan More than 50 injured in earthquake in Kermanshah
09:41 News Netanyahu: Erdogan should not be lecturing us about morality
08:58 Kurdistan 99 Turkish soldiers were killed in Northern Kurdistan in March
08:38 News FSA gangs may be behind killing of coalition soldiers in Manbij
20:55 Kurdistan Turkish jets shell Southern Kurdistan
14:53 Rojava 12 gang members killed in Afrin
13:20 Kurdistan HPG: 11 soldiers were killed in YJA-Star action on March 10
12:51 Culture Akitu - a millennium-old festival in Mesopotamia