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15:17 Rojava Another camp to be set up in Shehba for the people of Afrin
14:58 News Jaafari: “Ankara needs to withdraw their soldiers from Afrin”
14:05 Freedom of the Press Two more executives of Özgürlükçü Demokrasi paper jailed
13:30 Kurdistan "Fîraz Dağ" press training program of the guerrillas ends
11:44 Kurdistan "The existence of the AKP in Amed consists of flags"
11:31 News Kurdish officials: Is Germany a state of law or a police state?
11:05 Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan people fed up with Turkish attacks
10:23 Rojava Turkish mine kills two children west of Kobanê
09:55 Rojava People's Court issues arrest warrants for two ENKS members
09:30 Rojava Turkish state blocks river Belîx flow into northern Syria
00:40 Kurdistan People of Sidekan leave their homes due to Turkish attacks
00:30 Rojava Illegal Turkey-led Jindires Council made up of criminals
00:20 Features Water as a war tool
00:10 Women TAJÊ: Ezidi women abducted and sold in Afrin
00:05 Kurdistan The Bird Paradise of Kurdistan: The Hevsel Gardens
00:00 Features Turkey's Afrin policy echoes the English Plantation of Ulster
20:55 Kurdistan Turkish warplanes bomb Sidekan in Southern Kurdistan
16:22 News German police confiscate materials in ongoing raid on NAV-DEM
16:16 Rojava Hospital in Rojava named after fallen Argentinian doctor Alina
16:06 Freedom of the Press 20 workers of the usurped Gün Printing House jailed
15:30 News French MP to Turkish Ambassador: We stand with Kurdish insurgents
14:53 Kurdistan Twelfth day of protests in Southern Kurdistan
14:45 Rojava Thousands protest against the Turkish state in Manbij
14:40 Kurdistan HPG: 9 Turkish soldiers killed in Serhat region
13:40 Kurdistan Enthusiastic April 4 celebrations in Shengal
13:15 News German police raid Kurdish association NAV-DEM in Hannover
13:05 News Swiss MPs: “Turkish state commits crimes, stop weapons sales”
12:14 News Syria’s future becomes more complicated in Turkish capital
11:45 Rojava Looming threat in Shehba: Water
11:29 Rojava 45 Kurdish youths kidnapped in Afrin
11:15 Kurdistan Turkey’s fear of Öcalan's birthday
11:00 Rojava Project presented for a new university in Kobanê
10:44 News 17-month prison sentence for HDP's Baydemir approved
10:39 News 25 detained in raid on HDP office in Istanbul
10:28 Kurdistan Gorran Movement refuses Turkey’s request to meet
00:35 Kurdistan Celebrations for Öcalan’s birthday continue
00:30 News Money sent to Erdoğan stir the EU up
00:25 Women Solidarity with Afrin at Jineoloji camp in Bilbao
00:20 Rojava Non-stop work in Shehba despite the difficulties and shortages
00:15 Women 25 women murdered in Turkey in March
00:10 Features The footprint of Alina in Latin America
00:05 News Birthday greetings to jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan
00:00 Features "We liberated Manbij, we will continue to defend it"
15:44 Kurdistan HPG: “The invading army suffered heavy losses in Siirt”
14:38 News Syria’s future discussed in invader’s capital
13:32 News HDP and DTK members prevented from going to Öcalan’s village
13:23 Rojava Committee from British Labour Party visits Rojava
13:02 Rojava Êzidîs who migrated from Afrin: We can see Shengal before our eyes
12:19 Rojava Turkish army attacks asayish checkpoint in Derik
11:23 Kurdistan 15 detained in house raids in Bulanık