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14:30 CULTURE Large crowd attended Scandinavian Kurdish Culture Festival
14:00 NEWS HDP Co-chair Temelli: We reclaim our will
13:30 NEWS ‘Long March’ for Öcalan’s freedom to kick off in Bonn on Sept. 8
12:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 2 Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin, 4 terrorists in Mare
12:20 FEATURES Julie Ward MEP sends solidarity message to Amed Peace rally
11:50 NEWS March in Stuttgart for Peace Day and against trustees
11:20 NEWS Social scientist Immanuel Wallerstein died
10:52 NEWS HPG guerrilla Michael Panser commemorated in his birth town
10:21 FEATURES KCK's Hozat: War is the most terrible invention of the male mind
09:50 NEWS Greece to reinforce its borders with Turkey
09:20 NEWS Trustees protested in France, Switzerland and Germany
08:45 FEATURES UK actress Maxine Peake sends message to World Peace Day in Amed
08:17 NEWS Anti-war and Peace rallies in Duisburg and Nuremberg
07:46 NEWS Hanover, Kassel, Rennes and Athens united against trustees
19:30 CULTURE Volume 2 of Sakine Cansız autobiography presented in English
18:55 KURDISTAN HPG: 4 Turkish soldiers killed in Çukurca
17:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Air raid by the International Coalition in Idlib
16:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army attacks two villages in Sherawa, Afrin
16:15 NEWS Mayor of Istanbul in Amed: This is a dangerous discrimination
15:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Free health care service for 134,000 people in Manbij
15:15 KURDISTAN Footage from two guerrilla actions which killed 12 soldiers
14:41 NEWS HDP MP Öcalan: You cannot make this people step back
14:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack injures a civilian in a village of Sherawa
13:43 NEWS Knape: Basic rules of democracy not complied with in Turkey
13:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Women prisoners in Bakirkoy jail denied medical rights
12:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS cell neutralized in Deir ez-Zor
12:12 NEWS Day 13 of the resistance in Amed
11:46 FEATURES MEP Ward: Action needed to save Hasankeyf - Part 2
11:17 NEWS Amed co-mayor calls on people to join World Peace Day rally
10:47 WOMEN KJK: Let's join forces to beat fascism on World Peace Day
10:17 NEWS Over half refugee children do not go to school, says UNHCR
09:47 WOMEN Mothers: We won't sit in the house, we'll protest in the streets!
09:17 NEWS KCDK-E: Let's All join the Peace Meeting of 1 September!
08:48 NEWS Trustees protested in Essen
08:16 NEWS March in Marseille today against the trustees
07:48 NEWS Families' application to go to Imralı rejected
20:35 NEWS Day 12 of protests in Amed: Resistance will grow
17:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion kills a mercenary in Azaz
17:15 KURDISTAN HPG: Two Turkish soldiers killed, two others wounded in Çukurca
16:45 NEWS Imamoğlu and Mızraklı to meet in Amed tomorrow
16:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russia announces unilateral ceasefire in Idlib
15:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA 8 terrorists killed as HRE hit occupation forces in al-Bab
15:00 CULTURE Renaissance of the Chechen language and culture in Manbij
14:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Huge protest against the Turkish state in Idlib: “Traitor Turkey”
14:10 NEWS Demo for usurped HDP municipalities in Vienna
13:40 NEWS 15 people detained in İzmir and Muğla
13:15 NEWS European Greens and Turkish Green Left in solidarity with HDP
12:45 NEWS Commemoration for German HPG guerrilla in Potsdam tomorrow
12:15 FEATURES MEP Julie Ward: Weak leaders resort to scare tactics - Part I
11:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Schools ready to open in Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor