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15:20 News HDP Youth Conference in Amed: We will resist and win
14:45 News Buldan: The cause of Turkey’s crisis is the isolation of Ocalan
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria On the pistachio’s trail
13:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Rojava: Free health care in Hesekê
13:00 Kurdistan Occupier mentality in Northern Kurdistan
12:30 Kurdistan Four people jailed in Beytüşşebap
11:50 Human Rights Demonstrations against the isolation of Ocalan across Europe
11:30 News Justice, no compensation for Bloody Sunday
11:20 Kurdistan Parliamentary elections in Southern Kurdistan
11:00 Features Muslim on Idlib and the need to build trust for real talks
17:15 News “Dictators not welcome” banner on the route of Erdogan in Germany
16:30 News Thousands protest against Erdogan in Cologne
16:00 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb South Kurdistan
15:55 News KCK condemns ECHR verdict and German government
14:15 News General Attorney admits they have no proof against FARC Santrich
13:45 News Owners of palace in Cologne don’t want Erdogan
13:25 Culture Turkey jails award winning director
13:00 Kurdistan Cold feet on the eve of Kurdistan Regional Government elections
12:00 News DITIB’s sneaky rally: Playing the victim again
09:20 News Turkey declares its border with Syria a “military security zone”
04:00 News Protests against Erdogan continue in Germany
02:20 Human Rights Demonstration for Ocalan in Toulouse
02:00 News Erdoğan demonstration in Cologne banned
01:30 Human Rights Protest against the isolation of Ocalan in Oslo
00:45 News Huge PKK flag unfurled at demo against Erdogan in Berlin
19:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Fierce fighting continues in Operation Cizire Storm
19:35 Kurdistan Turkish army enters a village in Sidekan, South Kurdistan
16:45 News Erdogan puts on his show, Merkel quiet
16:15 Kurdistan Military operation in Cudi region of Şırnak
16:00 News Iraqi Parliament to elect the President on Monday
14:55 News The Idlib crisis: Merkel-Macron-Putin-Erdogan summit to be held
14:00 News Erdogan to visit Neue Wache after attacking Saturday Mothers
13:30 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in Hakkari
13:15 News German MP not allowed into the Parliament because of Erdogan
13:00 News Erdogan in Berlin: Protests outside, negotiations inside
12:45 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Three terrorists killed in Afrin
12:25 News Erdogan trusts economy to son in law, who hands it to US company
12:00 News Erdoğan hands over 'wanted' list to German government
11:45 News German newspaper runs Kurdish headline for Erdogan
11:25 Kurdistan Voting begins in Southern Kurdistan
10:25 Kurdistan AKP makes people pay the bill for economic crisis
09:20 Features KCK’s Xerib: Iraq must stand up for its independence
08:55 News Erdoğan's violent security guards in Berlin
08:45 News Protest against Erdoğan in Hamburg
08:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Invaders abduct two women in Sherawa, Afrin
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Villages of Afrin turned into a military restricted area
15:15 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers burn Dersim forests down
15:00 News First provocation attempt by Erdogan supporters in Berlin
14:45 Kurdistan Seven people detained in Beytüşşebap
14:30 News Labour Party conference ends with call for Öcalan’s freedom