Latest News

10:20 Kurdistan Explosion in Yüksekova leaves 9 police officers wounded
10:15 Kurdistan 20 people jailed in Van
09:45 Rojava Kobane youth join the demonstration at Semelka against occupation
09:30 Rojava Clash between the occupation forces in Afrin
09:15 News SDF Commander: Many ISIS sleeper cells were captured
09:00 Rojava A prison-turned school in Shehba
08:30 News Deir ez-Zor production back on track
08:00 Rojava Hawl Camp refugees want to set up commune system back home
19:30 News Aggravated life sentence for 9 suspects in Ankara massacre case
18:30 Rojava MSD condemns Shengal massacre
18:00 Kurdistan HPG: 14 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
17:45 Rojava Occupation forces continue their atrocities in Afrin
17:30 Rojava PYD commemorates Shengal
17:00 Women Women remember Shengal victims in Istanbul
16:45 Kurdistan Iranian Revolutionary Guards kill a kolbar
16:30 Kurdistan Shengal’s YBŞ: We are ready for a democratic-federal Iraq
16:00 News Kurdistan and Turkey remember victims of Shengal genocide
15:30 Women Yazidi Women from Afrin: We’ll struggle to liberate home
15:00 Features Karayılan: We are ready for Shengal when needed
14:15 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in South Kurdistan
13:50 Kurdistan Shengal General Assembly declared
13:30 News AKP evacuates the Midyat camp where Yazidis also stay
13:15 Kurdistan Turkish helicopters shell Amed countryside
13:00 Women YJŞ: Organized women are the best response to the genocide
12:45 Rojava Operations continue in Afrin: at least 9 terrorists killed
12:00 Kurdistan Four years after the massacre: Yazidis no longer defenseless
11:00 Kurdistan People of Shengal remember victims of the genocide
10:25 Kurdistan Curfew in 9 areas in Amed countryside
10:20 Women The prison for Yazidi women in Raqqa
10:00 Rojava Derik people in solidarity with the demonstration at Semelka
09:30 News ISIS mine kills 14 civilians in Aleppo
09:00 Features The Black Day of Shengal and organization of struggle
08:00 Features PKK’s intervention in Shengal
01:00 Women 3 August, the day humanity was lost
00:30 Kurdistan KCK: Everybody owes the Yazidis in the name of humanity
00:00 Features Shengal, four years ago
19:30 Culture Art exhibition in Raqqa
19:00 Rojava Report card day for the children of Afrin
18:30 Women New Women’s Office opened in Raqqa
18:15 Kurdistan Turkish attack kills a Yazidi child in Zakho countryside
18:00 News Market reopens in Deir ez-Zor after 7 years
17:30 Rojava Self-government and self-defense against massacres
17:00 News Protests in Isfahan step up after three days of unrest
16:30 News US-Turkey relation crisis escalates
16:00 Rojava Afrin Canton Executive Council: We promise to return home
14:15 Kurdistan German feminist movement visits Rojava representation office
14:05 News Ankara-backed coalition of gangs formed before operation on Idlib
13:30 Kurdistan Tent demonstration by Sêmalka Border Gate continues
12:45 Kurdistan Turkey shells locations close to KDP base
12:30 News USD shoots high, Turkish Lira collapsing