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14:41 Women Women took to the streets for hunger strikers in Frankfurt
14:18 Features Bahoz Erdal: We prepare for the great war
13:51 Features “Remembering means fighting” – the day of Ulrike Meinhof’s death
13:01 News Kiziltepe Municipality under police occupation
12:40 News "Glass cage” imposed on Kurdish activists in Stuttgart removed
12:09 Women Mothers of prisoners battered and detained in Bakirkoy
11:58 News Over 500 “foreigners” with ties to ISIS convicted in Iraq
11:39 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish state bombs villages in Sherawa, Afrin
11:01 Features Nobel Prize Laureate Esquivel sent new letter to CPT
10:31 News KON-MED called on people to join 7000 Metres human chain
10:00 Women Women prisoners wrote to mothers in front of Gebze jail
09:32 News Mothers confirmed they will be in Esenyurt square today
09:30 News Protest against isolation in Vienna
09:00 News Four activists arrested in Van
08:31 News Imam Şiş reached day 144 of his hunger strike in Wales
08:00 News Hunger strike in Strasbourg: Day 144
07:30 News 15 more prisoners on death fast
18:30 News HDP continues diplomatic talks in Berlin
18:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion kills three in Manbij
17:45 News Strasbourg activists: AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated
17:15 News Day 5 of the vigil against isolation in Athens
16:45 News TEV-CAND holds demonstration in front of EP against isolation
16:15 Women Protest with white head scarves in London
15:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Autonomous Administration supports Öcalan’s message
15:20 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion kills 2 civilians, injures 4 others in Manbij
15:00 News Prisoners’ families stopped by police in front of Gebze prison
14:35 News Kocak: Isolation is not broken, resistance will continue
14:00 News Meeting on isolation with Labour MP Williams
13:25 News Surrounded prisoners’ families hold sit-in
13:00 News Summaries of proceedings prepared for 9 HDP MPs
12:40 News AKP regime to transform HDP municipalities into outposts
12:00 Culture 7th Edition of FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival opens today
11:30 News Committee sent report to Ministry of Justice on hunger strikes
11:00 News Message from Zozan Çiçek on death fast in Bakırköy jail
10:28 News The Freedom for Öcalan Vigil reached week 359
10:00 News Deputy Kmiec visited hunger striker Iba in Toronto
09:30 News Imam Şiş: 143 days on hunger strike
09:00 News Action in solidarity with hunger strikers in Düsseldorf
08:30 News Actions in solidarity with hunger strikers in 5 cities
08:00 News Police harassed families in Gebze once again
07:30 Women TJK-E calls on people to join actions today and tomorrow
16:45 News Socialists on three-day solidarity hunger strike in the Hague
16:15 News Strasbourg hunger strike on day 142
15:45 News “Gov't must declare ending isolation for hunger strikes to end"
15:15 News HDP delegation meets SPD chairperson
14:50 News Police attacked families of prisoners, detained 19 in Batman
13:15 Kurdistan Police position set up by HDP Municipality entrance
12:50 Kurdistan Guerrillas strike Gire Outpost from the air
12:30 News Activists in Berlin: Our resistance will continue
12:00 News Journalist on hunger strike Turay: We continue with determination