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09:33 KURDISTAN Guerrillas will lead the 'Time to ensure freeedom' initiative
08:57 ECOLOGY State starts fires to turn Kurdistan into a military barrack
08:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Deir ez-Zor youth launch 'We say no' campaign
07:49 NEWS Indigenous movements back protests against Ecuador's president
23:05 NEWS Libya's Prime Minister announces resignation
20:58 KURDISTAN KCK calls for organized self-defense against attacks
20:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners in Amed mistreated during transfer
19:35 KURDISTAN Four people detained in Muş
18:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA British delegation visits Rojava
17:36 NEWS Venezuela president behind crimes against humanity: UN probe
16:37 KURDISTAN HDP politician sentenced to 8 years in prison in Muş
15:53 NEWS Kurdish man critically injured by racists in Belgium
15:09 NEWS Leyen: Distance between us and Turkey growing
14:36 NEWS Turkey's healthcare system on the verge of collapse
13:59 CULTURE 12th International Hrant Dink awards granted to Kavala and Hassan
13:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA 125 members of the al-Akidat tribe join SDF in Deir ez-Zor
12:52 NEWS Kurds in Yershov join "Time to Ensure Freedom" initiative
12:21 WOMEN Women Defend Rojava releases video-tribute for Hebûn Mele Xelîl
11:39 FEATURES Ali Bedirxan: Let's ensure freedom of Öcalan as soon as possible
11:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM calls on people to expel Turkey from Syria and Iraq
10:35 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Warşin: "This is Heftanîn!"
10:04 NEWS Palestinian President Abbas: No peace if occupation continues
09:33 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners in Van go on hunger strike
09:09 NEWS We'll ask for PKK's removal from the terrorist organisations list
08:24 HUMAN RIGHTS UN say war crimes carried out in Afrin and Serêkaniyê
07:49 KURDISTAN Zerya, the spirit of Spartans in Heftanîn
19:39 FEATURES “Millions of Kurds are not scapegoat for Erdoğan’s ambitions”
18:57 HUMAN RIGHTS Court of Cassation upholds prison sentences for 14 lawyers
18:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA UN officials hold meeting with SDF and Autonomous Administration
17:36 NEWS Solidarity with evacuated squats in Greece
16:51 WOMEN TJA: We defend ourselves
16:08 NEWS Rally in Strasbourg: Time for freedom and an end to fascism
14:54 KURDISTAN HPG: Seven soldiers killed in guerilla actions in Gever
14:18 HUMAN RIGHTS ECtHR rules rights of writer Zarakolu violated
13:33 NEWS Lawyers submit another application to visit Öcalan
12:52 CULTURE An exhibition brings together prisoners and photographers
12:21 FEATURES RiseUp4Rojava calls for week of international resistance
11:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA North East Syria reports 63 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours
11:06 NEWS DBP co-chair Aydeniz: United we can defeat this darkness
10:34 NEWS HDP: Racist attacks come from government's war-centred policy
10:03 NEWS Rector hires daughter of Tusba trustee despite low score in test
09:31 NEWS Artists from TEV-ÇAND take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
08:58 NEWS Turkish jihadist behind murder of Portuguese man in Siwtzerland
08:23 WOMEN Kongra Star expresses solidarity with Mexico indigenous people
07:49 NEWS Kurdish institutions in Europe support the KCK initiative
22:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD launches campaign against occupation in the Euphrates region
19:32 NEWS Three people tortured in custody jailed in Urfa
18:52 NEWS 16-year-old Syrian refugee murdered in Samsun
18:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in occupied Afrin
16:21 NEWS Murdered Kurdish worker buried under military blockade