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13:38 News German police raid Kurdish institutions in Berlin
12:55 News Bomb attack kills two in Khanaqin
12:49 Features KJK’s Erzincan: HDP will say stop to AKP power and dictatorship
12:30 Kurdistan Operation and clash in Lice countryside
12:22 News “My candidacy from prison a shame for Turkey’s politics and AKP"
11:06 News Lilwa Abdullah: Our priority is to rescue civilians
10:33 News Politicians, peshmerga and artists take off towards Qandil
10:17 News Surprise alliance between Sadr and pro-Iran list
09:31 Women Jalaliyan: I will continue on my path
09:21 News HDP and Revolutionary Party members detained
08:16 News HDP candidates canvassing across the country
07:55 Features Irish poet writes poem for the people of Afrin
07:23 News Al-Bab youth protests against repression
18:18 Kurdistan Youth in Qandil: We will fight against invasion
17:56 News Italian association ARCI pledges to support Kurds in Rojava
17:17 Women Leyla Güven's election campaign in Amed prison
16:58 Women Jailed co-mayor of Amed, Kışanak sends a letter to women
16:32 Rojava TEV-DEM calls for action against Turkish occupation plans
15:53 Women Afrin women organise in Shehba
15:21 News HDP deputy Encü given yet another fine
15:12 Kurdistan HPG refutes Turkish media: No casualties in air strikes
15:04 News Turkey’s imperial ambitions to be discussed in the EP
14:17 News SDF Commander: Attempts to prevent the operation have failed
13:35 News Kurz receives death threats after Erdoğan's targeting
13:04 News Call to Turkey to suspend the implementation of the Ilisu project
12:49 News HDP report: Over 200 detentions, 57 attacks in 45 days
12:40 Kurdistan Rojava youth in South Kurdistan on the way to Qandil
11:30 News SDF advances towards Tahuna village
11:18 Rojava 110 young people abducted in Afrin
11:05 Kurdistan Şırnak: Housing in return for votes
10:38 Kurdistan Turkish gendarmerie threatens people to not vote for HDP
10:32 Kurdistan “HDP will succeed no matter where they move the ballot boxes”
10:22 News Qandil operation as an instrument of AKP’s election campaign
10:14 Rojava The encirclement of Shehba endangers medical care
09:47 News Demirtaş invites British Labour Party leader Corbyn to Turkey
09:32 Women Women from Qandil: We will not allow Turkish invasion
09:00 News Lawyer Ata: The one-man regime has buried law in Turkey
08:00 News “We will be the voice of the revolutionaries who fell in Rojava”
22:50 News HDP members detained, election vehicle seized in İzmir
20:33 News Demirtaş responds to Erdoğan's claims on Kobani protests
19:00 News HDP’s Buldan: We will bring the AKP regime down
18:14 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist detained earlier today, jailed in Şırnak
17:55 Kurdistan Demonstration in Qandil against Turkey's attacks
17:30 Rojava More civilians abducted by the invaders in Afrin
16:59 News Demirtaş responds to Erdoğan’s “death penalty” message
16:40 News HDP gives courses to avoid fraud at elections
16:20 Kurdistan National Front against Turkish occupation meets with Iraqi MPs
15:55 News KONGRA-GEL calls on everyone to go to the polls on 24 June
15:12 News SDF: 12 villages and 15 hamlets liberated in one week
15:00 Freedom of the Press Kurdish journalist detained in Şırnak