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00:30 Kurdistan 30 areas in Dersim banned
00:25 Freedom of the Press 122 journalists behind bars in Turkey
00:20 Kurdistan Yekgirtû pulls out of Southern Kurdistan government
00:15 Kurdistan Prosecution says didn’t know bodies in Garzan had been identified
00:10 News EP reactions to Erdogan’s threats against Afrin
00:05 Rojava Turkish army and allied gangs shell villages of Afrin
00:00 Kurdistan Shengal: Êzidxan stands with Afrin, we are ready to do our part
13:45 Kurdistan Iranian regime detains two engineers in Rojhilat
13:25 News 'Freedom for Ocalan' vigil in Strasbourg in its 291st week
12:05 Features YPG Commander General Sipan Hemo: Afrin war will be the final
10:35 Human Rights Freedom House changes Turkey’s status to ‘not free’
10:22 Freedom of the Press Turkey sentences journalists to prison for solidarity action
10:10 News HDP’s Demirtas to attend two hearings tomorrow
09:55 News Another protestor killed in Iranian prison
00:20 Rojava Mehmet Aksoy’s last letter to his family
00:15 Features Shirin Ebadi: People want a referendum in Iran
00:10 Human Rights Sick prisoner in Şakran cuffed to the bed
00:05 Kurdistan Baghdad and Hewlêr agree on 6 points regarding airports
00:00 Rojava Afrin Council: "We will exercise our right to legitimate defense"
21:00 Rojava Turkish army fires mortars into Afrin center
15:15 News UK advises against travel to Turkey
13:50 Kurdistan 18 detained in house raids in Amed
13:15 Kurdistan Footage shows Kurdish guerrillas targeting a Sikorsky helicopter
13:00 News Erdogan threatens SDF with military operation once again
11:35 Kurdistan Eleven Turkish soldiers killed in Hakkari
10:45 News Baghdad and Arbil agree on border gates and airports
10:25 News Turkish military deployment to Afrin border continues
10:10 Features Importance of Afrin and why the Turkish state wants to attack it
09:05 Kurdistan Bodies of 282 martyred Kurdish fighters not given to families
00:30 News Families of public workers in Kilis ordered to “leave town”
00:25 Kurdistan Iranian regime tortures and murders another young Kurd
00:20 News Mayor of Geneva: “Kurds and Kurdistan must be free”
00:15 News A new era for PYD in Europe
00:10 News Turkish army places military equipment in western Aleppo
00:05 Features YPG's Gifford: SDF fights for democracy, equality and their homes
00:00 News German police attack Kurds holding Öcalan’s posters in Berlin
22:45 Rojava Turkish army and allied gangs shell villages of Afrin
13:50 News Turkish president Erdogan repeats threats against Afrin
13:05 News One Turkish soldier killed in Cukurca
12:15 Rojava Turkish army and Al-Qaeda in action after Erdogan’s orders
11:30 Rojava People of Manbij protest Turkish invasion
10:10 News Two more protestors killed in custody in Iran
09:45 News Turkish police kill one at checkpoint in Istanbul
00:30 Women Jineology Conference in Northern Syria ends
00:25 News YPG’s Gifford: We will spread the message of Kurdish revolution
00:20 Culture Writer sentenced to life receives 3 years for Roboskî
00:15 Kurdistan The Guerrilla resists with spirit of sacrifice
00:10 News PUK MP: There are some 40 Turkish military bases in Iraq
00:05 News Polat Can: Deir ez-Zor youths give a message to everyone
00:00 News “The Rojava revolution is the beginning of humanity's revolution”