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15:02 WOMEN Women defending Istanbul Convention blockaded by police in Amed
14:34 KURDISTAN HPG Air Defense Units hit Turkish base in Çukurca
13:58 NEWS Kurdish activist released from deportation custody in Germany
13:25 NEWS Three people jailed on terror charges in Adana
12:59 KURDISTAN Peshmerga veteran calls for solidarity with Shengal
12:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey-linked mercenaries kidnap two Afrin citizens in Azaz
11:59 NEWS La France Insoumise: France should end complacency towards Turkey
11:28 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family's 'Vigil for Justice' enters day 33
10:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA 'Humanitarian and Security' operation leads to capture of 158 ISIS mercenaries in Hol Camp
10:26 NEWS Istanbul May Day Platform calls on people to unite and take to the streets on 1 May
09:54 FEATURES Sabri Ok: Europe acts hypocritically and opportunistically
09:23 WOMEN Two more women sent to prison in Amed
08:51 NEWS Three people sent to prison in Van
08:22 NEWS Activists in Zurich and Heilbronn send letters to the UN demanding freedom for Öcalan
07:49 NEWS KCDK-E calls on activists to join today's European Democratic Forces Union actions across Europe
19:24 KURDISTAN MP Yusra Recep: Iraqi constitution grants autonomy to Shengal
18:39 NEWS Hevrin Xelef's mother: Justice must be served
17:37 NEWS Hunger strike in Lavrio Camp on day 96
16:59 NEWS Turkey imported arms worth 9 million euros from Germany
16:28 NEWS Hearing of Selahattin Demirtaş postponed to May
15:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA 13 people caught trying to escape from Hol Camp
14:57 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan posters hung in German city of Kassel
14:24 NEWS Ankara's mercenaries protest payment delay
13:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey uses water as a political blackmail
12:54 NEWS Italian Prime Minister calls Erdoğan a dictator
12:18 NEWS New night of riots in Belfast
11:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in prison reach day 134
11:14 NEWS Activists in Bonn demand freedom for Öcalan
10:47 NEWS Borough headman removed from his charge
10:16 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP: AKP-MHP favours capital, persecutes workers
09:47 KURDISTAN Ronak Mecid: Shengal can be a model for national unity
09:16 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish activist Nazdar Ecevit still faces deportation to Turkey
08:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA First cardiac surgery performed at Kobanê Hospital
08:13 KURDISTAN Roboski families apply for a retrial
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villagers in Zirgan complain of plundering and theft, want SDF to return
22:01 WOMEN Six women jailed on terror charges in Amed
19:33 NEWS Bayındır: "The key to a solution lies in Imrali"
18:57 KURDISTAN HPG announces death of a guerrilla in Metina
18:18 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS "Do you think Öcalan is an honorable resistance fighter?"
17:39 NEWS HDP: EU leaders seek to “reset” relations with Turkey with a “positive agenda”
17:01 NEWS Şenyaşar family's resistance for justice on day 31
16:29 NEWS HDP Pertek district co-chair detained
15:59 NEWS Lawyers apply again to visit Imrali
15:27 NEWS Ömer Öcalan: CPT must finally see the isolation and torture on Imralı
14:51 KURDISTAN Footage of guerrilla action on Turkish outpost in Şemdinli
14:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 14 occupiers killed in Afrin
13:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS mercenary in charge of Hol Camp captured by Anti-Terrorist Units
13:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Qamishlo approve of lockdown
12:46 NEWS Action in Bern in solidarity with Şenyaşar family
12:18 NEWS Loyalists' riots reach Belfast