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10:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA North and East Syria reports 39 new cases of coronavirus
10:04 NEWS KCDK-E declares 10 October as Freedom for Öcalan Global Day
09:33 FEATURES Bayık: The KCK campaign will bring us closer to our goal
08:58 HUMAN RIGHTS 76-year-old ill prisoner Ali Boçnak dies in prison
08:23 WOMEN Woman dies in suspicious circumstances in Derik
07:49 ECOLOGY Make Rojava Green Again joins Global Climate Strike
21:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mercenaries kidnap a woman in Afrin
20:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner Sinan Gencer laid to rest
19:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Girkê Legê and Kobanê protest Turkish attacks
19:05 NEWS HBDH claims action in Izmir
18:38 NEWS Family of prisoner Gencer does not believe in his suicide
18:03 HUMAN RIGHTS Constitutional Court rejects Güven's application
17:32 ECOLOGY FEDA: Let's organise to protect Munzur Springs
16:59 KURDISTAN YPS claims responsability for actions in Amed
16:18 NEWS Prisoner in Van dies in suspicious circumstances
15:46 KURDISTAN Guerrilla TV releases footages of action in Xantur
15:12 NEWS Turkish state sends 50 mercenaries to Azerbaijan
14:45 HUMAN RIGHTS Eyewitness says villagers forced into helicopter were healthy
14:02 NEWS Austria wants to discuss sanctions against Turkey at EU summit
13:29 CULTURE Lêlun International Film Festival continues in Shehba
12:57 NEWS Venezuela creates new command to counter possible US attacks
12:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA North and East Syria reports 95 new cases of coronavirus
11:47 FEATURES The period of first two ceasefires – IV
11:09 WOMEN UK women trade unionists condemn femicide in Turkey
10:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Countries at UN call for the ICC to try war crimes in Syria
10:04 NEWS Malazgirt has a hospital, but no doctors
09:36 HUMAN RIGHTS All evidences point at villagers thrown from helicopter
09:01 NEWS Scandinavia Women's Movement takes over Vigil for Öcalan
08:29 ECOLOGY Kurdish women join week of action against climate change in Bern
07:56 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD reports 280 racist attacks in the last ten years
21:02 NEWS Police arrest HDP former Provincial co-chair Filiz Işık in Midyat
20:11 KURDISTAN Two guerrillas martyred in Besta
19:33 KURDISTAN HDP investigates the helicopter torture in Van
18:44 KURDISTAN Five people detained in Nusaybin
18:07 WOMEN AI: Twitter needs to do more to stop abuse against women
17:27 NEWS Özsoy: EU summit will not bring sanctions
16:34 KURDISTAN HPG: Seven Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin and Siirt
15:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed mercenaries clash in Til Temir countryside
15:27 WOMEN HDP politicians hold online meeting with Petra Bayr
14:50 ECOLOGY Munzur Springs destroyed with excavators
13:57 NEWS Robert Jarowoy, a longtime friend of the Kurds, passes away
13:29 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit their client in Imrali
12:54 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD: Don't call isolation in prison a precaution against Covid
12:23 NEWS AKP's 'huge investment' in Van: prison costing 10 million euro
11:34 NEWS HBDH: The KCK campaign will strengthen the revolutionary struggle
11:09 KURDISTAN Story of guerrilla Xabur
10:33 NEWS Writer gets 1 year and 2 months for 'insulting Erdoğan'
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Ayotzinapa: Families demand justice for disappeared students
09:31 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Turkey bans Nuçe Ciwan Agency for the 51st time
08:58 HUMAN RIGHTS Police forcibly take to army hospital man thrown from helicopter