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20:35 News Russian resolution not approved at UN Security Council meeting
17:45 News Attacks on Syria: who said what
16:05 Rojava Turkish army and their gangs abduct Êzidîs in Afrin
15:30 News USA attacks in Syria: where and what was hit?
15:00 News Assad: “Our resolve against terrorism has become stronger”
14:35 Kurdistan Bodies of 3 civilians killed by the Turkish army recovered
13:35 Rojava Turkish forces torture two civilians to death
13:00 Kurdistan Guerrilla actions in Lelikan and Şırnak
11:25 Kurdistan Turkish state attacks Sheladize, 3 brothers missing
11:00 News EU and Berlin support attack against Syria
10:40 Rojava “People of Manbij won’t let Turkey repeat what ISIS did"
10:10 Rojava Urgent call for medical aid for the people of Afrin
09:15 Rojava "ISIS sleeper cells were activated with the attack on Afrin"
08:45 News Reports: Air strikes target Syrian chemical capabilities
08:40 News Turkey announces support for strikes on Syria
00:30 News A Stormy Summit
00:20 News Karlsruhe Prosecutor Office hits hard on Kurds
00:10 News Demirtaş: I do not expect justice from this court
00:05 Culture Kurdish women at Cannes Film Festival
00:00 News European Court of Justice to rule on delisting the PKK
16:40 News 6-month prison sentence for HDP’s Yüksekdağ
13:00 Kurdistan Curfew ahead of a military operation in Bitlis
12:35 Kurdistan Municipal elections in Makhmur
12:15 Rojava Turkish-backed gangs continue torture and looting in Afrin
12:00 Rojava Two babies from Afrin die in the Berxwedan camp in Shehba
11:45 News Herford: DITIB is involved in war propaganda with children
09:55 News Poll asks “Does Turkey constitute a threat for Europe?”
09:45 Freedom of the Press Three journalists for ETHA taken into custody in Istanbul -UPDATE
09:35 Kurdistan 3 soldiers killed, 5 others wounded in Bradost
09:00 Rojava “The invaders’ council can’t represent people of Afrin”
00:35 Freedom of the Press SJF calls on the Swedish Government to support Kurdish media
00:30 Rojava Afrin co-chair: Turkey and gangs set up “treacherous assembly”
00:20 Human Rights HDP’S Irgat: In Imrali we are witnessing torture
00:10 Rojava Refugees: “Silence of the international community is surprising”
00:05 News Italian Bolzano Province sends emergency aid to Shehba
00:00 News Syria: who could do what? What the dangers?
15:30 News Erdoğan’s “child soldiers” in Germany
14:45 Kurdistan 19 Turkish soldiers killed in a week in southern Kurdistan
14:10 Rojava Turkish-backed gang commander found dead in Bab
13:45 News Explosion in Azaz: Several casualties
12:15 Women «Fear us women» film screening in Moscow
11:55 Rojava Call for “international support” for Afrin people in Shehba
11:30 News Basel Canton Parliament calls for action for Afrin
10:43 Rojava Mine explosion on Shehba-Aleppo road kills 11 people from Afrin
10:40 Women Women organize themselves in Deir ez-Zor
10:30 News Medicine donation campaign for Afrin in Cologne
10:05 News KNK’s Uzun: They wanted to kill everybody in Afrin
09:50 Kurdistan Many Turkish soldiers killed in Bradost, southern Kurdistan
00:30 Kurdistan Uca: More massacres ahead if Kurds don’t support each other
00:25 Rojava First school to open in Shebha camp