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12:33 WOMEN Women will stand up against violence on 14 February
12:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Oso: Öcalan has provided a road map for a solution
11:39 WOMEN TJK-E calls on women to join march in Strasbourg on 15 February
11:08 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers apply to visit their client in Imrali
10:33 KURDISTAN Police detain 17 people in Van in new political operation
10:01 CULTURE Teatra Jiyana Nû performes Dario Fo in Berlin
09:34 NEWS Argentina protests International Monetary Fund
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA 13 mercenaries killed in Til Temir
08:21 NEWS Rome will march for Öcalan on Saturday
07:48 NEWS Internationalists' march for Öcalan continues
21:44 HUMAN RIGHTS Call for better protection of children in conflict zones
20:57 NEWS Bern stage of Geneva-Strasbourg march completed
20:02 NEWS Four Kurdish politicians re-arrested two days after their release
19:29 NEWS Call for participation in demonstration for Öcalan in Rome
18:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Were 14 people executed by SNA militia in Serêkaniyê?
17:56 HUMAN RIGHTS Protest musicians on death fast since June in critical condition
17:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Armenian woman at the head of the Euphrates Region Administration
16:39 NEWS Long march to Strasbourg passes through Bern
16:04 NEWS Letter of HDP Co-Chairs on Sinn Fein's election victory
15:35 NEWS March for the freedom of Öcalan and the Kurdish people
14:57 NEWS International Peace Delegation meets HDP on Öcalan’s isolation
14:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Armed confrontation between Syrian and US soldiers in Qamishlo
14:03 KURDISTAN Body of YJA Star guerrilla not given to family from Iran
13:13 NEWS Internationalists marching for Öcalan reach Metz
12:38 NEWS Cancer patient stopped at airport, under detention in hospital
12:03 NEWS Sinn Féin says people voted for a government for change
11:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Liberation Forces kill 3 mercenaries and wound 4
10:52 NEWS How the CIA and West German intelligence spied over 100 countries
10:17 NEWS Istanbul citizens angry at endless increase in service prices
09:53 CULTURE Heyva Sor presents documentary about Kobanê resistance
09:24 KURDISTAN Five people taken into custody in Ağrı
08:58 NEWS Long March activists leave Mannheim on day 5
08:22 NEWS Supreme Court halts Bukele’s coup attempt in El Salvador
07:48 NEWS Over 20,000 workers on strike in Brazil
22:46 NEWS Syria says Turkish attacks won’t be able to protect terrorists
21:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack a village of Gire Spi
21:19 NEWS Investigation against Kurdish music centre DEM extended in Adana
20:41 ECOLOGY First snowfall in Derik in four years
20:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA IDP from Idlib: In Manbij we are safe
19:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-German jihadist boasts of helicopter downing in Idlib
18:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attacks on Shehba and Til Temir
18:11 KURDISTAN Three HDP members detained in Varto
17:33 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
16:57 NEWS 13 people detained in political genocide operations in Urfa
16:28 NEWS Turkey blamed by Russia, backed by NATO on Idlib
15:51 NEWS Geneva-Strasbourg march on day 2
15:15 NEWS Solidarity event with Rojava in Calenzano
14:49 NEWS 12 young people detained in Mersin
14:14 NEWS Long March for Öcalan in Germany on day 4
13:40 WOMEN Women's centres in the Washokani camp support female refugees