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18:25 Rojava-Northern Syria Blast kills a civilian, injures six others in Manbij
18:05 News Strasbourg hunger strike on day 151
17:35 Human Rights Öcalan’s lawyer: Ban on contact with Imralı still in effect
16:30 News Families continue to resist in Amed and Istanbul
16:00 Kurdistan Youth from Southern Kurdistan visit Ozdemir
15:30 News Letter writing campaign for Leyla Guven continues
15:00 Kurdistan Explosion during passage of Turkish soldiers in Amadiya
14:30 News Families hold sit-in and march: “End the isolation now!”
14:00 News 5th hearing held for Kurdish man in Stuttgart
13:30 News Swedish Left Party writes letter to Erdogan about Ocalan
13:00 News Prisoner coughing up blood: “I will continue my protest”
12:30 Kurdistan Turkish soldiers pose for photos with feet on bodies of guerillas
12:00 Features International call to save Hasankeyf
11:30 Features Sinn Féin John Finucane set to be new Belfast Mayor
11:00 News Mothers entered third day of 'Parliament action'
10:28 Freedom of the Press New case was opened against journalist Idris Yilmaz
10:02 News Actions against isolation in Frankfurt, Munich and the Hague
09:00 News Demos to support hunger strike in Istanbul
08:33 News JEP ruled immediate release for former FARC commander Santrich
08:30 News HDP Suruç Council member Karak detained
08:02 News Leyla Güven: 190 days on hunger strike
07:31 News Solidarity with the hunger strike resistance in Switzerland
19:00 Women Prisoners’ mothers in Viransehir send fax to Ministry of Justice
18:30 Rojava-Northern Syria 20 ISIS terrorists arrested in Deir ez-Zor
18:00 News Demo against isolation in front of the European Parliament
17:30 News Hunger strikers in Strasbourg have severe health issues
17:00 News Kurds rally in front of CoE: Don't be a party to this crime
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria DAESH mine killed one, injured four in Gire Spi
16:15 News Turkish troops attacked families of political prisoners
15:40 Kurdistan Turkish air raid killed a civilian in South Kurdistan
15:15 News Police attacked families in Gebze again
14:50 Features TEV-DEM Co-chair: The key to the solution is in Imrali
14:20 News Munich police chief chummy with Turkish nationalists
13:55 Freedom of the Press Journalist Seda Taşkın receives prison sentence
13:30 Features DAESH propaganda woman: I want to confront Turkey
13:00 News Summaries to lift immunities for 21 MPs including Leyla Güven
12:30 News KON-MED statement to mark Kurdish Language Day
12:01 News Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Stuttgart and Hildesheim
11:54 News Imam Şiş: 150 days on hunger strike in Wales
11:26 News German police raided homes of Kurdish citizens in Ludwigsburg
11:05 News Investigation into Turkish MIT’s role in Paris killings - UPDATED
11:00 News Swiss MP tabled motion on hunger strike resistance
10:30 News UK Foreign Secretary replied to motion moved by Playd Cymru
10:00 News Former FARC commander murdered
09:46 News Mothers spent the night in Parliament
09:00 News Sinn Féin: Restoring power-sharing crucial for next generations
08:33 News Actions in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Europe
08:02 News Family of Mam Zeki Shengali visited hunger strikers in Strasbourg
07:32 News KCK celebrates 15 May, Kurdish Language Day
16:50 Rojava-Northern Syria Weteni Hospital of Raqqa goes into service