Latest News

16:00 NEWS Mardin resistance: Day 21
15:30 CULTURE 4th Rojava International Film Festival: Submission opens tomorrow
14:30 NEWS Demonstration in Munich against war profiteers of Daimler
14:00 WOMEN Peace Mothers from Maxmur: Day 8 of resistance
13:00 WOMEN Women marched in Marseille: "Stand up for Freedom and Change"
12:30 NEWS Solidarity to Amed, Van and Mardin mayors from Gävle municipality
12:00 NEWS HBDH militia claim responsibility for factory fires in Istanbul
11:30 KURDISTAN HDP-DTK delegation met Nechirvan Barzani
11:00 NEWS Solidarity to Rojava and Kurdish women from the Basque Country
10:30 NEWS 3rd MSD Dialogue Workshop held in Germany
10:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Six more civilians abducted in Afrin
09:30 NEWS Danish troops to be stationed in northern Syria
09:00 KURDISTAN A guerrilla fighter from Afrin in Dersim
08:30 NEWS ‘Long March’ for Öcalan’s freedom to kick off in Bonn today
08:00 NEWS 8 HDP members detained in Ankara
07:30 WOMEN Kurdish women take to the streets across Europe
21:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army bombs villages in Shera, Afrin
19:30 HUMAN RIGHTS Bodies of guerrillas who fell in July still not given to families
18:30 NEWS Police call for protest in front of the HDP headquarters in Amed
17:25 NEWS Demo in Melbourne against the seizure of HDP municipalities
16:45 NEWS Families’ appeal to visit Imralı rejected
16:10 KURDISTAN Two Iraqi commanders die clearing ISIS mines in Shengal
15:30 NEWS "Disarm Rheinmetall" protest culminates in a demonstration
14:50 KURDISTAN HDP delegation meets with Barzani in Hewler
14:15 NEWS Gezi families in Amed: Shoulder to shoulder against fascism
13:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two more civilians abducted by Turkish-backed terrorists in Afrin
13:13 NEWS Türk: Voters chose me as their mayor, Erdogan had other ideas
12:49 NEWS Actions by RiseUp4Rojava campaign all around the world
12:18 CULTURE Artists against trustees in Paris
11:47 WOMEN HDP women's delegation visited Maxmur Peace Mothers
11:17 NEWS Protests in Vienna, Stuttgart and Saarbrücken
10:16 NEWS HDP Mardin provincial executives: We'll continue our protest
09:47 NEWS Protest in Lucerne against the destruction of Hasankeyf
09:30 KURDISTAN Warplanes flying over Maxmur refugee camp
09:17 NEWS Protest against arms sale to Turkey in Sweden
08:48 NEWS New document: 13 municipalities at risk of being seized!
08:18 NEWS Europe Turkey Rapporteur warns Turkey over dismissing Imamoğlu
07:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Four members of the same family kidnapped in Afrin
18:30 KURDISTAN HPG: 9 Turkish soldiers killed in Şırnak countryside
17:30 NEWS Two people remanded in custody in Lice
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hundreds of fruit and olive trees burned in Afrin
16:30 NEWS At least 10 detained in Mersin
16:00 NEWS The International Days of Action have started
15:30 NEWS CHP Istanbul chair sentenced to 9 years and 8 months
15:00 NEWS Call to “Stop Mercedes which arms the Turkish army”
14:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Elderly couple tortured to death in occupied Afrin
13:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 8 terrorists killed in Azaz, Afrin and Mare
13:20 NEWS Democracy Vigil on day 19
12:50 KURDISTAN Tevgera Azadi pays solidarity visit to HDP Hewler representation
12:19 KURDISTAN Maxmur Peace Mothers reach day 6 of their protest