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10:36 FEATURES Intellectuals and artists react to operation targeting the HDP
10:05 FEATURES Has the new offensive against Shengal and Rojava begun?
09:34 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Turkey blocks access to Nûçe Ciwan Agency website
09:02 NEWS FCDK-KAWA: Let's support and mobilize for the HDP
08:27 CULTURE Kurdish soprano Pervin Chakar sings Musa Anter
07:51 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD says health of ill prisoners Direkçi and Karagüzel worsening
19:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Serekaniye results in casualties
19:05 NEWS Commemoration for Kurdish revolutionary Mehmet Aksoy in London
18:11 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla laid to rest in Yüksekova
17:37 NEWS Trial against Syriac Orthodox priests resumes
16:59 NEWS Politicians in exile call for solidarity with the HDP
15:42 FEATURES Second stage in the October 9 period- VII
15:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports 30,000 Coronavirus cases in Syria
14:31 ECOLOGY Stop Climate Disaster, Keep it in the Ground!
13:55 NEWS Buldan: The HDP will never be brought to its knees
13:19 WOMEN Citizens in Colombia protest murder of transgender woman by army
12:47 NEWS Alfonsi MEP: Time to support democracy in Turkey
12:18 ECOLOGY 'Those who defend nature, life and peace can't be judged'
11:39 NEWS Socialist Alliance and Green Left express solidarity with the HDP
11:02 NEWS PCF urges EU and France to take a stance about attacks in Turkey
10:38 NEWS HDP deputy chair Oluç: The fight goes on
10:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Torture and impunity are increasing in Van
09:31 NEWS KCDK-E call on people to join today's protests throughout Europe
08:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports ongoing violations by Turkey’s mercenaries
08:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Lilwa Abdullah survives assassination attempt
07:44 NEWS "Kobanê did not fall, nor will the HDP”
19:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF launch a new operation against ISIS cells in Deir ez-Zor
19:06 NEWS European deputies condemn latest attack on the HDP
18:55 NEWS MEP Villumsen calls on the EU to condemn arrests of HDP members
18:27 NEWS Prosecutor prepares summary of procedings for 7 HDP deputies
18:08 NEWS Party of European Socialists condemns attack on HDP
17:41 NEWS Die Linke condemns Erdogan and expresses solidarity with the HDP
17:02 NEWS HDP: The onslaught on the HDP continues unabashedly!
16:29 NEWS KCDK-E calls everyone to demonstrate against the AKP repression
16:03 WOMEN TJK-E calls on everyone to unite around the HDP
15:34 NEWS Arrest warrant for Ecuador former President Correa
15:00 FEATURES “A plan with 99 percent no way out” VI
14:15 CULTURE Stêra Zêrîn releases new clip about the resistance in Heftanîn
13:44 NEWS Sancar: We must all give the government the answer it deserves
13:16 NEWS Alaca: Our people-centred municipality work disturbs someone
12:51 NEWS 24-hour lawyer restriction imposed on HDP members detained
12:16 NEWS Police prevent people from attending funeral of Ali Boçnak
11:48 NEWS The HDP cannot be silenced: Reactions to today's arrests
11:18 NEWS Police take 24 people into custody in Istanbul
10:44 NEWS Kars: We are proud of our mayor
09:56 NEWS Families apply to visit Imralı
09:21 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb South Kurdistan
08:57 NEWS Rally in front of the EP against repression and racism
08:33 NEWS Several detained in major operation against the HDP - UPDATE
07:49 NEWS Let's join Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan World Day on 10 October!