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09:45 NEWS Police take HDP Esenyurt co-chairs into custody
09:16 FEATURES Is Turkey testing the new US government?
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners enter day 59 of hunger strike
08:22 KURDISTAN Iran detains 64 students and activists from East Kurdistan
07:49 NEWS Activists in Vienna and Kiel protest the isolation of Öcalan
19:41 WOMEN Two female local politicians executed near Hesekê
18:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clash in Qamishlo
17:33 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers demand justice for Ayşenur Şimşek
16:57 WOMEN Kurdish musicians support the "100 reasons" campaign in Cologne
16:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages in Shehba under attack
15:45 KURDISTAN Names of two guerrillas martyred in Heftanin published
15:06 WOMEN Women in Basel call for self-defense
14:32 NEWS Istanbul: Solidarity culture in the pandemic
13:57 NEWS British parliamentary question on CPT Report on Imrali
13:25 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish aggression kills 3 civilians, injures 6 others in Til Rifat - UPDATE
12:59 NEWS Long March from Hanau to Strasbourg in February
12:21 FEATURES Colombian party FARC set to change name at its General Assembly
11:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in prison enter day 58
11:15 ECOLOGY Van turns into a city of concrete
10:46 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Sînê: Iran tries to normalize the village guard system
10:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Where is Gökhan Güneş?
09:43 KURDISTAN Refugees in Martyr Nazê camp: 7 years of resistance
09:14 WOMEN Webinar to address issue of women prisoners in Turkey
08:42 ECOLOGY Greenhouse cultivation strikes root in Manbij
08:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF foils infiltration attempt on M4 highway
07:44 WOMEN YPJ Commander: We will put an end to occupation and liberate Afrin
20:57 NEWS Solidarity action in Berlin criticizes the German government for supporting Erdoğan regime
20:10 FEATURES Open to gangs, closed to patriots: Hewlêr
18:59 KURDISTAN DBP: The Republic of Kurdistan reminds of the importance of national unity
18:24 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb a village in Duhok countryside, injuring three civilians
17:41 KURDISTAN Military operations pose dramatic threat to four villages in Lice
17:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drone strikes a house in Kobane, injuring a civilian
16:24 KURDISTAN Turkish bombardment kills 250 animals in Southern Kurdistan
15:32 NEWS KCK condemns the suicide attacks in Baghdad
14:55 NEWS Australia admits approving military exports to Turkey
14:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Deir ez-Zor tribes vow to stand by SDF against invaders
13:58 WOMEN TJA activist sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Revolutionary Youth: Turkish state targets young people
12:47 KURDISTAN HPG Commander Mahir Amed: The hunger strike is an act of rebellion
12:15 KURDISTAN Hakkari Governor bans entry and exit to 12 areas
11:50 FEATURES The story of the city of Merîvan
11:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners on hunger strike for 57 days against isolation
10:49 NEWS Israel attacks Syria, kills 4 civilians
10:17 NEWS German-Turkey collaboration over Leopard tanks continues
09:47 NEWS PKK salutes solidarity expressed by parties under ICOR
09:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner suffers torture in Aksaray prison
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hospital in Qamishlo performs first heart surgery
08:22 NEWS RiseUp4Rojava calls on people to join Long March from 4 to 13 February
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey and its mercenaries once again target M4 highway
21:21 NEWS Berlin solidarity action: A voice for the prisoners