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13:23 NEWS Lawyers apply once again to visit Öcalan
12:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS mine injures 4 in Raqqa, including 2 children
12:12 KURDISTAN Turkish soldiers use violence against villagers in Sur, detain 6 in Çukurca
11:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Human Rights Organization calls for independent commission on crimes carried out in Afrin
11:17 KURDISTAN State terror in Lice: house raided and 4 taken into custody
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF launch new operation against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor
10:17 NEWS Kapıköy border gate remains closed despite protests by people of Van
09:45 NEWS Young activists in Stuttgart protest isolation of Abdullah Öcalan
09:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports Turkish deployment on M4 highway
08:42 NEWS Vigil for Öcalan in Cologne
08:13 KURDISTAN Explosive-laden drone hits Hewlêr International Airport
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Doctor Wilk visits Rojava: "No one here has been vaccinated yet"
20:33 NEWS Kurds continue their vigil outside the UN office in Geneva
19:51 WOMEN New investigation against Leyla Güven
19:18 WOMEN HDP Amed co-chair detained after being sentenced to imprisonment
18:32 NEWS Kurds protest Imrali isolation in Russia
17:53 KURDISTAN HPG: 2 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
17:17 NEWS HDP delegation visits Şenyaşar family protesting in Urfa
16:38 NEWS HDP in Amed stages sit-in to condemn isolation of Öcalan
16:03 NEWS Survey: Öcalan is the main interlocutor to resolve the Kurdish issue
15:31 KURDISTAN MXDŞ: Enthusiastic celebration of Çarşema Sor will frustrate the enemy's plans
14:58 NEWS Hearing of Demirtaş postponed
14:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russian forces return to their positions in Shehba
13:57 WOMEN HDP administrator in Amed sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in jail
13:25 HUMAN RIGHTS Abdullah Öcalan’s lawyers file new application to visit their client
12:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attacks in the past 3 years leave 13 children dead in Shehba
12:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa People's Municipality starts restoring the city square
11:46 NEWS Turkish police raid 13 houses and detain 10 people in Ceyhan
11:25 NEWS Senators demand the release of Abdullah Öcalan in front of the Spanish Senate
10:49 FEATURES Zehrê Şemo: In Shengal we are fighting for our existence
10:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner Tokmak says books in Kurdish not given in Bakırköy jail
09:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs villages in Shehba and Shara
09:22 NEWS Lindsey German: Europe governments must end inhuman treatment of refugees
08:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Greenhouse projects contribute to local economy in North-East Syria
08:17 NEWS Petition for Syriac priest sentenced to prison in Turkey
07:44 HUMAN RIGHTS IPPNW: Nazdar Ecevit must not be deported
19:07 CULTURE Lake Van photo wins NASA competition
18:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA “Turkey violates international agreements by cutting off Euphrates water”
17:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Refugees receive no aid amid coronavirus surge in North-East Syria
16:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers Association for Freedom: Steps should be taken for hunger strikes before it's too late
16:26 NEWS Pervin Buldan: HDP pursues the Third Way
15:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Russian military units withdrawing from Shehba
15:41 NEWS Vigil protest at Boğaziçi University on day 100
14:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA General lockdown begins in North and East Syria
14:24 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist detained by KDP not heard from for 77 days
13:52 FEATURES Cemil Bayik speaks about the political strategy of the KCK
13:24 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers file new application to visit their client in Imrali
12:53 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners on hunger strike in Düzce put in isolation
12:26 HUMAN RIGHTS Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar will continue their Vigil for Justice during Ramadan
11:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF arrest three ISIS mercenaries in three different regions