Hediye Yusif: The MIT is behind the attack in Afrin

According to Kurdish politician Hediye Yusif, the Turkish secret service is behind the devastating bomb attack in Afrin, which killed more than forty people in late April.

In Turkish-occupied Afrin, a bomb attack on April 28 killed several jihadists and many civilians. Bomb attacks are often used in the Turkish occupation zones in northern Syria as a method of intimidating and displacing the population. There has recently been an accumulation of attacks in connection with disputes over the distribution of plundered goods among the jihadist groups.

Hediye Yusif, a member of the coordination team of the women's umbrella organization Kongreya Star, blames the Turkish secret service MIT for the devastating attack in Afrin. "Since the occupation over two years ago, civilians have been kidnapped or murdered every day. This is done to make the people flee," says the Kurdish politician, pointing out that the Turkish state is responsible for all attacks in the occupation zone.

Regarding the target of the latest attack, Hediye Yusif says: "The MIT is behind this attack. Several objectives were pursued with the attack; to eliminate certain jihadist groups and drive the actual inhabitants out of Afrin. The Turkish state blamed the YPG for this only minutes after the explosion. If Turkey hadn't known about this before, this prepared accusation would not have been possible."

Hediye Yusif also points to the serious conflicts among the Turkish-backed groups: "Many jihadists have been sent to Idlib and Libya as mercenaries. Others have had their pay cut. This leads to conflicts with the Turkish state. At the same time, the disagreements between the jihadist groups about the division of their plundered goods into armed conflicts are growing.

Hediye Yusif evaluates the explosion in Afrin as an "inhuman terrorist attack". Regarding the situation in Afrin and the neighbouring canton of Shehba, she says: "We have not forgotten the attack on Til Rifat, in which children were killed a few months ago. As long as the world powers and international human rights institutions do not take action against the Turkish occupation, such attacks will be repeated. In order to achieve stability and a lasting solution in Syria, the Turkish occupation must end. Til Rifat is home to 25,000 people from Afrin in addition to the original inhabitants. They will be displaced once again."