Human shields in Qandil: Resistance is life

The women of the Kurdish youth movement, who are joining a human shield action in Qandil against the attacks of the Turkish state on South Kurdistan, see their resistance as a fight against all patriarchal systems of rule.

Kurdish youth movement Komalên Civan launched a human shield action in Qandil on June 14 against the occupation attempts and increasingly ongoing attacks of the Turkish state against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

On June 28, two civilian vehicles were bombed by the Turkish Air Force on Mount Kortek in the Qandil region. Three people were killed, seven others were injured as a result of the deadly bombardment which was protested in several places. The protests demanded the withdrawal of Turkish troops from South Kurdistan and condemned the silence of the governments in Baghdad and Hewlêr (Erbil).

In Qandil, ANF spoke to activists of the Movement of Young Women, who participate in the "human shield" action.

Canda Efrîn is convinced that the Turkish state wants to annihilate the Kurdish people and their history: "Children and women are killed and then it is said that the attack was against the PKK. During the airstrike on Kortek last week, three people from one family were killed. The South Kurdistan regional government remains silent on these attacks. They agree with the occupation of their own country. After the visit of President Nechirvan Barzani in Turkey, the attacks have been intensified. Nobody should be silent on these crimes, we must avenge the martyrs of Kortek. Especially as women, we must take to the mountains, face the occupation with all our strength and will, and prove that we are free.”

The "human shield" action takes place not only in Qandil, but also in Bradost, notes Canda Efrîn and adds; "We are here because we want to show that we are not afraid of the missiles and fighter jets of the Turkish state. For our freedom, we are ready to give everything, including our lives. Until the society, the women and all Kurdistan are free, we will continue our actions.”

Resistance to all patriarchal systems of domination

Avesta Xabur, another activist, points out that the Turkish state wants to depopulate the region and uses the PKK as an excuse to expel the Kurdish people from their lands: "The PKK movement has shown the world that it is fighting for freedom. The people of Kurdistan are exposed to massacres. In Rojava the Turkish state has occupied Afrin, now Bashur [South Kurdistan] is intended to be occupied. With attacks on the civilian population, the people are wanted to be intimidated and raised against the PKK. The Iraqi central government has also remained silent. This silence is an indication of the patriarchal system of rule and approval of invasion. The human shield action is carried out against all the government system and forces that stand against women's freedom.”

Avesta Xabur calls on all young people to join in their fight. "Whoever is silent agrees with the occupation. Let's fight the occupation. Berxwedan Jiyan e [Resistance is life]."