Document of Turkey's war against the Kurds revealed

The presence of Turkish state’s strategic plan of war against the Kurdish people, first launched on July 24, 2015, has become clearer. Egyptian TEN TV published the document.

In a program for Egyptian TEN TV, Doctor Neshat Dihile has exposed the Turkish state’s plan for a renewed genocide against the Kurds. The document of the mentioned plan has also been published.

The confidential report handles “Urgent measures to be taken during operations in the region and authorization of military units”.

The report highlights that the Turkish state will mobilize all its war elements against the Kurds, raze cities to the ground during annihilation operations against the guerrilla, launch occupation attacks against Rojava and a special war in South Kurdistan, with the Turkish media set to be the most important factor in the war.

Full text of the confidential report detailing Turkey’s war against the Kurds is as follows:

We are determined to continue our struggle against all the activities of separatist terrorist organization that aims to disturb the unity and serenity of our people with the common sense and support of the nation. We urgently need to dry the swamps that support the terrorist organization. These issues should be explained to our friendly and allied countries with a sense of seriousness and persistence and we need to make sure that these will be taken into account. We need to try every way to convince them to take serious measures to stop activities of supporters of terrorist organization and block financial sources of terror.

There will be no internal threats anymore. The advantages of organizing in legal field, the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and its protective shied helped the political party that supports terrorism to have a favourable position. This traitor group which aims to disturb our nation’s and state’s unity and togetherness, reached to a level of threat by using the state’s facilities. Our priority should be gradual dissolution of the cadres of the mentioned party and the municipalities that they hold. These municipalities which are under the authority of the Interior Ministry, should be taken from the so-called party to our state’s control. 


The officers in command of our military units should show no hesitation to block entrance of terrorist supporting HDP members to the operational areas, they (officers) should show no tolerance to them. These terrorist abettor party’s municipalities gave all the facilities to the members of terrorist organization’s service. These facilities were used in all (terrorist) acticities from digging trenches to transporting logistics. 

As municipalities are under the authority of the Interior Ministry and as judicial results will make swift progress, concerning authorities should speed up the needed processes. 

All our personel should not forget that all organs and institutions of our state is mobilized until we break the back of the terrorist-supporter party. 

Because of the mobilization all the logistic support, equipment will be provided and for all legal obstacles there will be amendments. So these issues will not break the concentration of the operational powers. 

Until the termination of this internal threat the continuity of this practice should be preserved without hesitation. All officers in charge should issue the new rules on the conditions of use of arms. Our personnel should be issued of the new approach in which all sabotages, raids and attacks should be responded with force. The officer in charge will be responsible for any hesitations. 


1) Officers in charge will reissue and teach new rules on use of force to all personnel

2) All personnel should be issued that they will respond to all kind of attacks, sabotages and raids with force 

3) The personnel who hesitate to use their weapon because of they are afraid of appearing before a prosecutor, should be told that their hesitation may have serious consequences. We may give martyrs; the traitors, terrorists and enemies of the state will be empowered and the continuation of the state and nation will be in jeopardy. All of our personnel should not forget these points. 

4) All personnel should be told that it’s better to appear before a prosecutor than getting into a coffin

5) These should be issued to all the personnel and they should be reminded that our state is going through a critical time. 

6) The legal limits of using armed force should not be considered. We need to keep in mind that there is a mobilization and extraordinary situation and all necessary amendments will be made about the military courts

7) What we are facing is a rebellion. For the continuity of our state there should be no hesitations. The officers in charge will be held responsible for all negative developments regarding this. 

8) It’s should be known that while shooting from a tank or an armored vehicle, there is no responsibility for collateral impact. In this difficult period we need shots with higher impact. 

9) All measures should be taken for the safety of our personnel without hesitation. All buildings and positions should be eliminated if our forces receive fire from them. 

10) Considering that the residents of the neighbourhoods should not be able to return, destruction of the buildings should be taken care of.

11) The building that are owned by those families whose should be especially taken care of. 

12) The “known” units should cover their faces and even for the official media they should avoid to be seen without covering their faces. 

13) The impact and importance of psychological warfare should never be forgotten and necessary steps should be taken without hesitation. 



The Document on Security Strategy is approved by the Council of Minister


3. Interior Ministry, Gendermarie General Command and Land Forces General Command is responsible to practice the Document on Security Strategy

4. Other ministries, internal security organizations and other institutions are obliged to practise the concerning parts of the document. 

5. The Interior Ministry and Ministry of Defence will determine the practice of the document and will coordinate and follow the execution of the document with other security units and institutions. 

d) The document can be edited and updated by the Undersecretariat of Public Order and Security, Centre of Command Office of Strategic Planning and Strategy Branch Directorate in accordance with the outcome of the operations. 

e) This document should be kept in accordance with its level of secrecy and necessary precautions should be taken to prevent access of unauthorized personnel. 

f) Execution of this document should be in accordance to the principles

g) If executives change, the document should be presented to the predecessors so the continuum of the document will be achieved.  

Things to be particularly careful about:

Eliminating the terrorist organization in our countries eastern and south eastern regions. 

Destruction of settlements to a level in which the return of the population will be impossible. 

Dismantlement of the settlements. 

Public officials should speed up the dismantlement of the settlements

After the operations students should be sent to boarding schools, Anatolian High Schools and private schools. 

The Constitutional order should continue under Emergency Rule

Mobilization of all facilities to eliminate the terrorist organization and its supporters

Interior Ministry and other concerning ministries should meet the needs of our security forces.

Armoured ambulances should be used along with helicopters and other armoured vehicles to evacuate wounded personnel. 

Special attention is needed on positioning units during urban warfare

To achieve these goals special attention is needed to the opinions and plans of the Ministries, and the military officials who set strategies, create plans, sets targets and plans efficiency and effectiveness. 

All of our institutions should be reorganized (including interior security organizations like MASAK and Customs) according to the short, medium and long term targets set by the document, which is put forward with the proposals and plans created by the Interior Ministry, Gendermarie General Command, General Security Directorate. For this: 

MERNIS, central population registry system should put into practice in the region. The law on declaration of identity should be executed. The reeves will have an important role on this issue. 

In villages where there are no security institutions, posts should be established and empowered and so that the Special Units can be deployed. 

In this period, the personnel within the operational forces should be given decent wages so their motication and effectiveness will not be negatively effected. Local security forces should not be used during operations in the region. The gap should be filled with the special forces and those who come out of the training centres. Using the personnel who are from the region should be carefully avoided. 

The deployment rules should be revaluated in accordance to the needs. The operational units should be deployed in all settlements and their training, methods and equipment should be determined in accordance. 


The high ranking officials of the terrorist organization based in Northern Iraq are being watched by our Consulate in the region. These are known to command YPG which constitutes a great threat for our country. Considering the importance of possible developments and the emergency of the situation our consulate in Erbil should carry out a psychologic operation on the Syrian Kurds. To discredit the terrorist organization meetings with Syrian Kurdish politicians, opinion leaders should be organized and they should be told that YPG is protecting the Assad regime and the rights of Kurdish people are being sacrificied to the security of the regime. Setting up alliances and unions between these powers is in accordance with our states interests. To limit the separatist organizations effect among Syrian Kurds and if possible to eliminate them, and to achieve the goal of nationalist Syrians and Kurds fighting against the regime all material and moral support should be provided. 

When reflecting the operation to the public opinion a special consideration is needed to avoid demoralization of our security forces. The images and videos should be disturbed by Anatolian Agency. No other journalists should be deployed in operational areas for the sake of the operation if not needed. When needed the footages can be taken and distributed with the permission of the commanding officers. 

In the region AA and TRT journalists should be there and their reports and images should be distributed. The foreign press should not be allowed to enter the region. They should be under control with the use of accreditation. 

It’s better if the press will be independent to report about the number of the terrorists killed. Otherwise the routing numbers will cause confusion. Reporting of civilian casualties should be prevented and this is the responsibility of the officials in the region. The naming of the operation should be left to the press officials. The most important part of the operation is the press, no one should forget about this."