28 villages in Northern Syria without electricity and water

For seven months now, the power supply to 28 villages in northern Syria has been interrupted due to the Turkish attacks. Since the water supply is also powered by electricity, there is not enough water for agriculture.

The Turkish state and the remnants of jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra, which have been gathered together under the name "Syrian National Army" (SNA), continue their attacks against the autonomous region of Northern and Eastern Syria. Murder, looting and pillage continue in the occupied territories. Seven months ago, the Turkish attacks damaged the power lines that supply 28 villages in the area between Til Temir (Tal Tamr) and Zirgan (Abu Rassan). In order to drive the local population away, the occupying troops use further attacks to prevent the repair of the electricity network by the teams of the Til Temir power station.

Particularly threatening with the rising temperatures is the fact that the water pumping from the wells in the region is also powered by electricity. The inhabitants complain that they have had to sell farm animals because there is not enough water. The irrigation of the cultivated fields also lies fallow.