Power supply to 40 villages in Northern Syria still interrupted

The attacks on infrastructure in the self-governing areas of northern Syria continue. Over 40 villages have been without electricity for six months due to the Turkish attacks.

The water and electricity supply for the people in northern and eastern Syria is still in the sights of the Turkish state. Especially in Til Temir and Zirgan on the border to the occupied northern Syrian territories, power and water lines are repeatedly destroyed.

Six months ago, Turkish occupation forces destroyed the power lines that supply electricity to over 40 villages near Til Temir and Zirgan. Since then, their attacks have prevented any repairs. Despite the negotiated ceasefire agreement between Turkey and Russia, the repair teams are immediately attacked.

The co-chairman of Til Temir's electricity directorate, Fehid Samia, says: "For a total of six months we have been waiting for Russia to persuade Turkey to stop the attacks on our repair teams. If the attacks stop, we can easily repair the lines. On March 24, we managed to reconnect some villages to the electricity grid. 36 hours later, the lines were bombed again and cut off."

The villages in question are where Russian-Turkish patrols pass through.