Turkish TRT portrays ISIS member as a civilian against YPG

Numerous ISIS members fled to Turkey after the liberation of Northern Syrian territories in recent years and participated in the Turkish occupation operation in October as members of the "SNA". ANF uncovers their identity.

The identity of more ISIS members who participated in the Turkish occupation operation in Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) and Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) in October 2019 has been exposed.

Mustefa El Zîbo: Murderer on behalf of al-Nusra

According to ANF information, Mustefa El Zîbo comes from the al-Shalal neighborhood in Girê Spî and is known as Ebu Reşîd El Ensari. In 2012, he was part of the leadership of the "Şêx El İslam Bin Tîmiya" battalion, which joined the Al-Nusra front in 2013. In July 2013, he actively participated in the expulsion of the Kurdish population from Girê Spî and the looting of their property. Several Kurds who were in the city during this period were murdered by El Zîbo.

Appearance on TRT as alleged civilian

When the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated Girê Spî in June 2015, Mustefa El Zîbo fled to Turkey. ın Akçakale, he joined the so-called ‘Raqqa Military Council’ affiliated with the FSA mercenaries. On May 10, 2019, he appeared as an alleged civilian in a TV program broadcast by Turkish state channel TRT, claiming to have been forcibly expelled from his homeland by the YPG along with other Arabs.

Secret service agent of the occupation regime

Mustefa El Zîbo, a member of the umbrella organization of Turkish-backed jihadists known as the Syrian National Army (SNA), took an active part in the occupation operation in Girê Spî, which began on October 9, 2019. At the moment, he is in charge of the local secret service activities of the occupation forces in Girê Spî. Many men and women in the town have been arrested by the Turkish state on his tip for alleged contacts with the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria.

Casim El Reşo: Responsible for the sale of Yazidi women

Another ISIS member in the SNA mercenaries in Northern Syria is Casim El Reşo. He comes from Serêkaniyê and is sheikh of the el-Edwan tribe. He joined the ISIS in 2014 and was appointed Emir in Girê Spî. He has participated in numerous massacres of the local people there. During the liberation of Girê Spî by the SDF in June 2015, he fled to Raqqa, where he was responsible for selling enslaved Yazidi women and passing them on to ISIS members. Women liberated later have spoken of his torture of Yazidi women.

Flight from Raqqa into Turkish occupation zone

When the SDF undertook the offensive "Wrath of Euphrates" to liberate Raqqa, Casim El Reşo fled to a Turkish occupied area in Shehba region and founded the " Ehrar El Reşo Battalion ". Last October he participated with this unit in the occupation of Serêkaniyê and returned to the city with his unit. At the moment he is part of the SNA units. On November 24, 2019, he released the ISIS members held in Mebruka prison.

Welîd Ebdulezîz: Responsible for the confiscation of Kurdish houses

Welîd Ebdulezîz (Ebû Herib El Becarî) is another ISIS member in the structures of the "Syrian National Army". He comes from the village El Xêbîş near Til Temir. At the beginning of the civil war in Syria, he first joined the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and then the Al-Nusra Front. He was one of the al-Nusra leaders in Serêkaniyê and left the city when it was liberated by the YPG. In 2015 he joined the ISIS. He was injured and received medical treatment in Urfa, Turkey.

In October 2019, he participated in the Turkish occupation of Serêkaniyê as a member of the SNA. At the moment he is charged with the looting and confiscation of Kurdish houses.

Ramî Yûsif El Dehîş: From al-Nusra to ISIS and then to Turkish state

Ramî Yûsif El Dehîş comes from the Eyn Arus neighborhood in Girê Spî. He joined the the Al-Nusra Front during its founding period. He was involved in the expulsion of the Kurdish population from Girê Spî and the murder of several Kurds. When Girê Spî was occupied by the ISIS, he switched to the new rulers in the region and worked for their secret service. When Girê Spî was liberated in June 2015, he fled to Turkish territory and worked for the Turkish secret service in Akçakale. Under the label "SNA", he participated in the Turkish occupation operation in October 2019. Today he continues his work as a mercenary in Girê Spî.