Second attack on a Kurdish family in Konya kills 7

A Kurdish family targeted by a racist attack in Konya province in May, has been subject to a second attack on Friday, which claimed the life of seven members of the family.

As racist attacks against Kurdish citizens in Turkey are on the rise, a Kurdish family living in Konya province, in central Anatolia, has been targeted for the second time. The Dedeoğulları family, who had been attacked by a racist mob of 60 people on May 12, has reportedly lost seven of its members in Friday’s attack, of whom 4 were women. The house of the family was then set on fire.

The family living in the Bahçeşehir neighborhood in the Meram district comes from Kars province. The family had been attacked in May by a mob with knives, stones and sticks, who uttered threats like “We are nationalists. We will not allow you to live here.”

Five people were arrested in connection with the incident, but were released later on the grounds of “inadequate evidence”.