The siege of Zînî Wertê

If the people of Zînî Wertê had not protested and there had been no public reaction, we would already be experiencing a new tragedy.

The incidents in Zînî Wertê are on the top of the agenda of the Kurdish people. 

People are well aware that this is not just a small place in the mountains, but indeed it is the trigger of a crisis that could prevent an agreement among the Kurdish forces.

That is why people everywhere are protesting and demanding the withdrawal of the KDP from the region. The Kurdish public has the power to avert the crisis. The outstanding thing is that people in all parts of Kurdistan and in the diaspora are reacting together to this crisis initiated by Turkey.

The danger of crisis has not been averted yet

The troops that were brought to Zînî Wertê to surround the guerrilla in the Qandil region could still escalate. Turkey's goal is to use the strategy of getting Kurds to fight Kurds and thus triggering an internal Kurdish civil war. The public has helped to minimize this danger.

However, the question remains when it comes to the collaborative forces of the KDP giving in to Turkish pressure. The Turkish state continues to name trustees in northern Kurdistan, imprison Kurdish politicians, fill prisons with activists, drop bombs everywhere in Kurdistan, destroy cemeteries and mutilate corpses. This shows that Turkey is ready to force this war. If the people of Zînî Wertê had not protested and there had been no public reaction, we would already be experiencing a new tragedy.

Attack on all access routes

However protests are not enough. This becomes obvious when you consider that the KDP forces have not only established themselves in Zînî Wertê. From Haci Umran to Choman they occupied all access routes to the guerrilla areas and from Choman to Sideka and from there to Shirwan they built many new bases. These pose the same threat as the troops in Zînî Wertê.

The guerrillas mainly move outside the settlement areas and always on very dangerous paths. Now the KDP has destroyed these routes with diggers. Some of them dug ten ditches on a distance of 500 meters.

Turkish intelligence agency MIT in the KDP bases

In this way, the KDP tries to prevent the guerrillas from passing through the area, to observe them with their military bases and to get them under control.

It is known how many guerrillas have lost their life as a result of joint operations between MIT and the Turkish army in south Kurdistan. But with whom does MIT work? Who gives them information about the guerrillas? Who can say that MIT is not based in these KDP bases? Everyone could see the Turkish-speaking units among the KDP troops in Zînî Wertê as well as the MIT vehicles on TV.

Who will be accountable for this?

Nobody should believe that the guerrillas can remain silent against this. Who will account for the negative consequences of this blockade and these military bases? The MIT responsible for south Kurdistan was shot in Hewlêr. The KDP subsequently embargoed Maxmur refugee camp and the embargo is still going on. The people there are suffering. That is the reality of the KDP. Who can say that the encirclement of the guerrilla areas is not also done at Turkey's request?

KDP is responsible for the consequences

Zînî Wertê is part of a comprehensive plan. If the KDP does not end this policy, then it will be solely responsible for all possible consequences. The Kurds will no longer tolerate a force that, based on a foreign power, will cause them suffering.